The Dissenter Reports Dr. Russell Moore, Editor-in-Chief of Christianity Today, Along with David French and Curtis Chang Have a New Curriculum for Pastors and Churches Called “The After Party” Which is Supposed to Help Pastors and Churches on “how to engage in politics without being divisive.” In a Recent Clip They Highlighted Pastor Charlie Dates of the Salem Baptist Church Who Foolishly Invited a Lesbian Mayor to Preach at his Church

(The Dissenter) Russell Moore, David French, and Curtis Chang are the authors of “The After Party” curriculum which is supposed to equip churches and Christians on how to engage in politics without being “divisive.” Yet, these clowns epitomize everything that is wrong with today’s Church by wholly embracing practically every anti-Christian progressive ideology known to man.

In a recent clip of several of the contributors to this “church” curriculum, they praise one of the most divisive, politically charged social justice pastors in all of Evangelicalism—Charlie Dates. And they hold him up as one of the examples of a Christian leader who represents exactly what they’re fighting for.

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