King Solomon said, “I find more bitter than death the woman.” More and more Women are Killing Their Children, Stealing Children, Raping Children, Trafficking Children, Neglecting Children, and Abusing Children, With the Greatest Crime Being that we Live in a World Where Mothers do Not Love Their Children Now Than at any Other Time in History. Today’s mothers do not have “natural affection” for their children as mothers of old. The Evangelical-Charismatic-Protestant-Catholic Church Says Nothing About the Tragic Criminal Activity of Women Because the Church is Guilty of Starting and Perpetuating the Idea that Women are Angels and Men are Devils. The Woman is Always Right, and the Man is Always Wrong. Demon-possessed, Killer- Mother Kristel Candelario is seen in Pictures Strolling on the Beach in Puerto Rico, Having Abandoned Her Infant Daughter for 10 Days and Letting Her Die of Hunger.

Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, and his seven children know first-hand about having a mother in the home who chooses not to love her children and shows it by not telling her children she loves them and not choosing to hug them (even when her husband, Daniel Whyte, is constantly telling her to do so and who told her to do so before the first child was born when he told her: “Your job was to make memories with these children”). Whyte says this activity by women who love sex but who do not love the children who come from sex is demonic, and mothers who do such things are lost, and we’re not just talking about women in the world; we’re talking about women in the church. Whyte has told his children if they are going to treat their children the way their mother treated them, he does not want any more grandchildren.

  • Kristel Candelario, 32, beamed as she posed on a Puerto Rican beach in an image captioned: ‘The time that is enjoyed is the true time lived’  
  • At the same time, her one-year-old daughter lay dead in her playpen in her Cleveland, Ohio home  
  • The mom is now facing life in prison after pleading to the aggravated murder of her infant daughter after abandoning her  

An Ohio murderess shared photos of herself enjoying a Caribbean beach break…after leaving her baby daughter home alone to die of hunger and thirst in her play pen.

Kristel Candelario, 32, now faces life in prison after pleading guilty to the aggravated murder of her baby daughter Jailyn, but appeared less than concerned when she jetted off to Puerto Rico. 

In one image shared three days into her daughter’s 10-day fatal abandonment, she is seen smiling on a white sandy beach in sunglasses and a white shirt, which she captioned: ‘The time that is enjoyed is the true time lived.’ 

At the same time, her 16-month-old baby lay dead in a pile of her own filth, and the Cayuhoga County medical examiner’s office determined that the toddler had died of starvation and severe dehydration.  

At the conclusion of her plea deal this week, prosecutors described her actions as ‘one of those truly unimaginable cases that will stick with me for many years to come.’ 

In another picture taken from her cold-blooded holiday, Candelario donned jean shorts and a ‘Mandalorian’ Star Wars t-shirt as she appeared to visit a Star Wars theme park. 

She beamed from ear to ear in the image, despite the horror she later admitted to leaving behind in her home in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Prosecutors said she abandoned Jailyn in her Pack-N-Play pen in June 2023, whisking away for trip to Detroit and Puerto Rico.

She made the trips with her older daughter, and it is unclear why Candelario did not ask anyone to help her care for her child while she was traveling. 

After 10 days of sunning herself on the beach and enjoying the local attractions, she returned to her home on June 16 to find her daughter not breathing. 

Paramedics and Cleveland police tragically pronounced the one-year-old dead at the scene, and prosecutors said the child was discovered ‘on a liner soiled with urine and feces with soiled blankets.’

After the shocking autopsy ruling over her daughter’s condition, Candelario was indicted on charges of aggravated murder, two counts of murder, felonious assaults and endangering children. 

The two murder counts and felony assault charges were dropped in her plea deal this week, in exchange for pleading guilty to aggravated murder and child endangerment. 

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael O’Malley, announcing the plea on Thursday, said: ‘This case is one of those truly unimaginable cases that will stick with me for many years to come.

‘As prosecutors, it is our job to represent the victims and today we spoke on behalf of 16-month-old Jailyn – who is no longer with us – due to the selfish decisions her mother made. 

‘This conviction today, is the first step towards justice for Jailyn.’

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