Are Bart Barber, President of the Southern Baptist Convention, and the Southern Baptist Credentials Committee Racist Towards White Southern Baptists and Favor Black Southern Baptists?

Are Bart Barber, President of the Southern Baptist Convention, and the Southern Baptist Credentials Committee Racist Towards White Southern Baptists and Favor Black Southern Baptists? Again, They Dis-fellowship Four More Churches, One For Having a Female Pastor (Including One with 85% Of Women on the Pastoral Staff). As far as we know, Not One Black Church with Female Pastors on Staff Has Been Dis-fellowshiped. Why is That? Is it because of the Guilt of White Southern Baptists enslaving Blacks? Is it because of the Proverbial collective fear that White People have of Black Women? Is it because of Soft Racism against Black People by White People thinking that Blacks are Inferior and not “equipped” to hold up to biblical standards? Is it the influence of demonic Wokeism? Whatever the reason for this hypocrisy and foolishness that can lead to a lawsuit and egg on the face of Southern Baptist leadership, this biblical, Old Testament / New Testament standard is about all Christians and about all churches–red, yellow, black and white, especially Southern Baptist Churches obeying the Word of God (The Bible is King over all churches–red, yellow, black and white), which is very clear throughout the Bible that men ought to be the head of their families and men ought to be the leaders of the church. Period! Full Stop! Not only is it in the Bible, but we have seen the result of women being pastors in the church from the Charismatic-Pentecostal-Holiness side of the Christian family. TD Jakes’s greatest sin is not his alleged homosexuality but the ordaining of women to be pastors and leaders in the church, which brought about the feminization of men, the belittling of men, and the beat-down of men, which led to the explosive growth of homosexuality in the church and the destruction of the traditional family. In his own way, TD Jakes has been trying to correct this at least on every Father’s Day for the past three years. Not only that, but we have seen a rise of the abomination of sodomy/homosexuality in the church since women have become prominent bishops, pastors, and leaders in the church. Like Eve ruined the human race, the Pastor Eve’s or the Book of Revelation Jezebels of modern times have ruined the church, and there is not a Pastor Adam or Pastor Ahab who has the testicular fortitude to tell them to sit down somewhere.

The Southern Baptist Credentials Committee continues to carry out the people’s will at the slowest rate possible, deeming four SBC churches no longer in friendly cooperation with the convention, including tossing one out because they have a pastrix at the helm. 

Two days ago, the Executive Committee voted to disfellowship from Immanuel Baptist Church in Paducah, Kentucky, for having Katie McKown as the senior minister, a job she took less than a year ago. 

Not for nothing, but it’s probably not a coincidence that the church’s staff is suspiciously devoid of a Y chromosome. 

They also booted New Hope Baptist Church in Gastonia, North Carolina, over a “lack of reported financial participation for at least the last five years and its lack of intent to cooperate to resolve a question of faith and practice,” and they likewise punted Grove Road Baptist Church in Greenville, South Carolina. Grove Road averages around 12 congregants a week, and they were excised due to a “lack of intent to cooperate in resolving a concern regarding the pastor’s mishandling of an allegation of sexual abuse.”

Lastly, they aced West Hendersonville Baptist Church in Hendersonville, North Carolina, for their terrible handling of allegations of sexual abuse against pastor Pastor Jerry Mullinax. Mullinax was fired from his teaching job after he allegedly sent female students some very sexual emails more than 20 years ago. Despite this, he kept his pastoral role, thus earning him a disqualification based on the convention’s policy on sexual abuse.

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