Pastor Matthew Stevenson of All Nations Church Chicago Rebukes the Demonic Spirit of the “Booty Call” and Then “Binds the Booty Call In Jesus Name.” In Addition to That, Pastor Stevenson “Takes Control” of the “Booty Call”

Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, says the truth is the Sunday-After-Church “Booty Call” has to cease. The “Booty Call” is a big part of why the Coronavirus Plague hit the church so hard, with so many Bishops, Pastors, Swinging Pastors’ wives, and Parishioners dying in the plague–giving communion unworthily and taking communion unworthily so Pastor Stevenson is on the right track to rebuke the devil for pushing the “Booty Call” phenomenon in the church. Now, we do not know what Pastor Stevenson is talking about when he says, “I take control over the Booty Call.” By the way, Whyte says this is why no pastor should have the cell phone number of any woman in the church except his wife’s because the cell phone put the “Booty Call” in the church on steroids. One famous pastor said, in church one Sunday morning, “The lust in this church is so thick, I can smell it.”