Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, says no, it is not the END OF THE WORLD, yet Just Because Your Smart Phone Has Become a Dumb Phone Because it Has Been Shut Down. However, it is the End of Your World as you Know it if You Live by Your Smart Phone And Other Technology and Not by the Power of God Who Made the People Who Made the Smart Phone. “. . . Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved. . .”

AT&T, Cricket Wireless, FirstNet, Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Boost Mobile, Consumer Cellular and Straight Talk are all down across the US, leaving customers unable to make calls

Multiple mobile networks have gone down with phones stuck on SOS mode, leaving panicked customers fearing the ‘end of the world’.

Concerned folk across the US are facing major disruptions to their service as several providers have gone down. The outage has sparked several warnings from police departments, claiming that people have been unable to call or text 911.

According to Downdetector, ATandT, Cricket Wireless, FirstNet, Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Boost Mobile, Consumer Cellular and Straight Talk are all down. People have taken to X, formerly Twitter, to voice their concern at the issues with US mobile networks.

One user wrote: “Confirmation from around the US on a nationwide cellular network outage. Seems to have affected @ATT first, then later reports from other phones on @TMobile @Verizon and more.

“I can’t imagine this is incompetence or a single node failure. Concerned it could be a #cyberattack.”

Other AT&T customers have reported their iPhones being stuck in ‘SOS’ mode as a result of the outage.

iPhones enter SOS mode when they lose cellular connection, allowing users to still make SOS calls or texts to emergency services on models from the iPhone 13 onwards.

Many X users have grown suspicious of the mass outage impacting so many major providers at once.

One user wrote: “Got the “sos” mode and thought the world was ending.”

Another said: “Anyone else experiencing these “SOS only” outages on @ATT? Is the world ending?”

A third asked: “OK conspiracy theorists and smart people who know more than me…what is behind the cell carrier outage overnight?”

While a fourth added: “AI bots failing… AT&T down… it’s happening folks.”

Other less conspiratorial believing users were just plain angry with ATandT.

“We pay too much mf money to not have no mf service FOR SEVERAL HOURS at a time #ATT.,” wrote one disgruntled customer.


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