Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, Gives 7 Reasons The Evangelical-Protestant-Charismatic Church As a Whole Is In an ILLICIT SEXUAL CRISIS:

  1. In the God-given, legitimate, explosive, hunger, and desire by men for sex, which Evangelical-Charismatic church leaders and pastors have tried to beat down in men over the past five decades by emasculating and making men more effeminate in the Church by beating them down in front of their wives and family members and promoting the false idea that the man is always wrong and the woman is always right and put on a pedestal which she does not belong on and that the man ought to submit to the wife.
  2. Kelvinator-refrigerator, proud, arrogant, stubborn, unsubmissive, witchcraft wives who make themselves ugly to a husband even though they may be pretty on the outside but are not willing to give the husband sex-on-demand cheerfully and joyfully like that woman in the church, who will leave her job on her lunch break, not eat, to meet with the pastor in the pastor’s office and perform oral sex on him and “swallow” to satisfy his need and then go back to work.
  3. Because these “church leaders” and pastors are not getting sex on demand from a willing, loving, cheerful wife who also keeps herself clean and looking good, these sex-starved men are getting on their computers and devices and filling their hearts and minds with vile pornography. Looking at pornography is an attempt for most of these men to “have sex” they are not having with their spouses. By the way, the Evangelical-produced and promoted movie Fireproof plot line was bogus. The truth about that movie is the husband was a good, hardworking man and a good husband struggling with “peeking” at pornography but who was dealing with a Kelvinator-refrigerator, arrogant, bossy, looking-down-her-nose-at-her-husband, whorish wife, who was flirting on the job like it was her husband’s fault, which an adrift evangelical movement loves (The wife is always holy and right; the man is always unholy and wrong). With that said, any man who claims to be a Christian and is looking at pornography is sinning against God Almighty, Jesus Christ, and the Word of God, and there is no such thing as BEING ADDICTED TO PORNOGRAPHY! Porn addiction among Christians is an idea promoted by misguided Evangelicals who negate the power of being a born-again-saved Christian. If a man is addicted to pornography, he is lost and on his way to hell. Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are not going to sit there and watch pornography with you. Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are going to put a stop to that through rebuke, guilt, and chastisement, or you are simply not a born-again-saved Christian. This goes for men and women, pastors and pastors’ wives because now we have just as many pastors’ wives addicted to pornography as their husbands. Whyte says further that there is an illicit sexual crisis in the Church because many so-called bishops, pastors, pastors’ wives, and “church leaders” are in ministry, but they are lost. They are not true believers in Christ. They are counterfeits, hypocrites, Judases, and false prophets. 
  4. Many so-called evangelical church couples simply do not take advantage of the greatest gift to a married man and a married woman, for various stupid reasons and that is having guilt-free sex multiple times a week in a bed that God says is “undefiled.” These foolish excuses run the gamut such as: ‘I don’t love him or her anymore.’ ‘I am mad at him or her.’ ‘I don’t like being around him or her anymore.’ ‘There is too much stress in our marriage.’ ‘He or she does not do it for me any more sexually speaking.’ All of these excuses and foolishness lead to the man and the woman becoming “horny” and vulnerable to having sex with other people in the church, on the job, or at the coffee shop. None of these excuses have anything to do with having sex. Whyte hopes you love your spouse, but Tina Turner was right when she raised the question, “What’s love got to do with it?” Millions of us wicked sinners have had sex with people we didn’t love, like, and in some cases, we did not even know because that desire for sex is a fiery need that must be taken care of, especially in real men. 
  5. The Evangelical Church is generally trying to lead the Church, as a whole, into sin by forsaking several things that the Church has always stood against: (A.) Divorce and remarriage, which has led to millions of people living in adultery, and that has led to many men and women being vulnerable to having sex with people they are not married to because contrary to what many believe now, sexual desire is a fire that has to be extinguished regularly. Many Divorce Care Ministries are nothing more than hook-up sites for horny formerly married people who are used to having sex but refuse to have sex with their God-given spouses. People have been allowed to stay in the church even though they have been divorced and remarried when that was not the case years ago. (B.) People who were living in fornication or shacking up have been allowed to remain as members of the church when that was not the case years ago. 
  6. Some Evangelical “church leaders” have attempted to lead much of the Protestant side of the Church to accept the abomination of sodomy/homosexuality, which is not only a sin and an abomination against God, but it is an intentional Judas betrayal of God, Jesus Christ, and the Word of God. Choosing to commit this abomination in God’s sight, opens up the door for gross sin in the church that most Evangelical so-called leaders and pastors do not understand. Most church leaders and pastors do not understand that if you do something over here “in a corner” that is diametrically opposed to God’s clear teaching in His Word there is a negative reaction from God in Heaven against the church and “God’s people” who are perpetrating that evil.
  7. There is an evangelical-church-leaders-pastor cabal of silence that fights to keep the pastoral perpetrators of sexual abuse, rape, sex trafficking, child molestation, and sodomy/homosexuality among pastors in place. They cover up each other’s sins and fight to keep them in place for years, and they have harmed and destroyed many lives often-times because of Judas’ 30 pieces of silver “filthy lucre” money. Sad to say, the evangelical church, which used to be a stalwart, a protector, and a keeper of the faith, now is just as guilty as the Catholic church of covering up the sins of the bishops, pastors, and so-called “church leaders,” whom God is rebuking and chastising in real-time in this life and will do in the life to come because lost souls are being damned to hell by these lies, cover-ups, and hypocrisy. GOD HAVE MERCY!

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