Thur, Sept 21, 2017: Trump meets with S. Korean president, bashes trade agreement

President Trump on Thursday bashed the five-year-old trade agreement between the United States and South Korea while sitting next to that nation’s president, Moon Jae-in.

Trump, who earlier this month threatened to withdraw from the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement, said that, besides discussing North Korea’s growing nuclear threat, the two leaders would address nagging trade issues.

“So because of the fact that our trade deal is so bad for the United States and so good for South Korea, I said we’ll focus on the military, but actually we’re going to try to straighten it out and make it fair for everybody,” Trump said while sitting next to Moon ahead of their meeting.

“But our real focus will be on the military and our relationship with South Korea, which is excellent,” he said.

Trump’s plan to withdraw from the free trade agreement with South Korea was met with backlash from agriculture and other business groups and pushback from within the White House.

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