Tue, Oct 31, 2017: Trump meets with business leaders on tax reform, says he wants bill by Christmas

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he hopes tax reform can be accomplished by year-end.

“I want the House to pass a bill by Thanksgiving. I want all of the people standing by my side when we get ready to sign by Christmas — hopefully before Christmas,” he said at a hastily scheduled press availability.

When asked if he was looking into phasing in corporate tax rate reductions, Trump responded, “We’re not looking for that, hopefully not.”

The president made his remarks after meeting with business leaders including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers and the Business Roundtable.

House Republicans are expected to release a draft their long-anticipated tax bill Wednesday.

Trump is scheduled to depart for a trip to several countries in Asia on Friday. While the president is overseas, some White House officials will stay behind to work on the tax overhaul effort, including Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and top economic advisor Gary Cohn.

–CNBC, Christine Wang

Fri, Sept 29, 2017: Trump speaks to National Association of Manufacturers, says “era of economic surrender is over”

President Donald Trump on Friday addressed a meeting of the National Association of Manufacturers in Washington and declared that “the era of economic surrender is over.”

Trump said the newly released Republican tax reform plan would result in the “rebirth of American industry.”

Speaking before a friendly and enthusiastic audience of business owners and CEOs, the president touted what he called “a giant, beautiful, massive, the-biggest-ever-in-our-country, tax cut” for businesses, that he said is at the center of his economic revival plan. He also outlined some of the biggest changes his tax plan would make for businesses. Continue reading “Fri, Sept 29, 2017: Trump speaks to National Association of Manufacturers, says “era of economic surrender is over””

Fri, Mar. 31, 2017: Trump makes announcement on economic confidence with National Association of Manufacturers

President Donald Trump announced that a new survey from the National Association of Manufacturers showed the highest level of economic confidence from business leaders in the industry.

In a White House meeting, Trump announced that 93% of manufacturing industry executives surveyed by NAM, a lobbying group for the manufacturing industry, said they were optimistic on the future of the economy. Additionally, Trump said that “just a few months ago” that number was at 56%.

“It’s a surge of optimism that is spreading all across our land,” Trump said. “These survey results are another vote of confidence in our plan that will bring back jobs, lower taxes, and provide a level playing field our workers.”

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