Thur, June 29, 2017: Trump promotes energy policy, meets with President of South Korea

In the morning, President Trump will receive his daily intelligence briefing.

In the afternoon, he heads to the Department of Energy where he will give remarks at the Unleashing American Energy event.

In the evening he and the First Lady welcome President Moon of the Republic of Korea, hosting a reception with the Republic of Korea delegation.

Later in the evening, the Trumps will have dinner with President Moon.

Thur, June 29, 2017: Trump promotes plan for American ‘energy dominance’

President Trump is formally seeking a review of energy policies to help the nuclear power industry prosper.

Trump announced the review during a speech at the Energy Department’s headquarters, which came as part of the administration’s Energy Week celebration.

“The golden era of American energy is now underway. And I’ll go a step further: the golden era of America is now underway, believe me,” Trump told the fossil fuel industry executives, workers, lawmakers and others assembled.

“Our country is blessed with true energy abundance, which we didn’t know of even five years ago and certainly 10 years ago,” he continued

“With these incredible resources, my administration will seek not only the American energy independence that we’ve been looking for so long, but American energy dominance.”

“Energy dominance” has been the theme of the Energy Week events. To the administration, it means boosting production of domestic fossil fuels and other energy so that the United States can export them and use them for geopolitical purposes, like reducing the influence of other major energy superpowers.

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