Mon, Mar. 27, 2017: Trump meets with female small business owners

As one campaign promise gets pushed to the back burner, President Donald Trump hosted a roundtable Monday at the White House to promote economic empowerment for women business owners, moving forward with his pledge to help America’s small business sector.

“We must ensure that our economy is a place where women can work and thrive. We will continue addressing the barriers faced by [women in the workforce],” Trump assured the group of female executives.

In attendance at the meeting was Trumbull Unmanned founder Dyan Gibbens, a former Air Force graduate and Department of Defense employee who now heads one of the nation’s leading drone service providers to the energy sector. Also at the table was Shirley Ann Perry, founder of environmental consulting company HydroTech, and Claudia Mirza, CEO of workforce solutions company Akorbi.

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