Fri, June 28, 2019: Trump attends G-20 meetings in Japan

7:30 pm: Meets with Japanese Prime Minister Abe Osaka, Japan

8:15 pm: Meets with Abe and Indian Prime Minister Modi; Osaka, Japan

8:35 pm: Meets with Modi; Osaka, Japan

9:30 pm: Meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel; Osaka, Japan

11:00 pm: Participates in the G20 leaders’ special event on the Digital Economy

11:20 pm: Participates in a G20 working lunch on the Global Economy, Trade, and Investment; Osaka, Japan

1:00 am: Meets with Russian President Putin; Osaka, Japan

2:30 am: Meets with Brazilian President Bosonaro; Osaka, Japan

5:35 am: Participates in the G20 cultural program; Osaka, Japan