Thur, Sept 7, 2017: Trump holds joint press conference with Emir of Kuwait

In a joint news conference from the White House with Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah on Thursday afternoon, President Trump did not rule out a military response to North Korea’s provocations.

“Military action would certainly be an option,” Mr. Trump said in response to a question from CBS News’s Major Garrett. “Is it inevitable? Nothing is inevitable.”

Tensions between the United States and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s regime have been rising over the North’s nuclear testing and missile launches.

“I can tell you that North Korea is behaving badly and it’s got to stop,” Mr. Trump said. Continue reading “Thur, Sept 7, 2017: Trump holds joint press conference with Emir of Kuwait”

Thur, Sept 7, 2017: Trump meets with Emir of Kuwait at White House

President Trump welcomed the Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabahal-Ahmad al-Sabah, saying the relations between the two countries was stronger than it has ever been.

Sitting in the Oval Office, Mr. Trump and Mr. al-Sabah shook hands and the president told reporters assembled for the photo op that his visitor was a “good partner.”

Economic issues are expected to dominate the discussions, but the two countries also are closely allied in security for the region. Kuwait also is spearheading negotiations to end the diplomatic isolation of Qatar by several Arab countries.

The president said they would discuss the Qatar crisis and all other regional issues. He mentioned that Kuwait was buying military equipment and other big-ticket items from the U.S., including Boeing 777 aircrafts.

The Emir, who is on his first trip to Washington, said that the relations were good and that his country remains grateful to the American people for helping liberate Kuwait from Iraqi forces in 1990 during the Gulf War.

The visit coincides with the second annual U.S.-Kuwait Strategic Dialogue that includes Cabinet-level meetings on education, trade, investment, homeland security and military co-operation at various locations across Washington.

–The Washington Times

Thur, Sept 7, 2017: Trump meets with emir of Kuwait, gets update on hurricanes

10:00 am: Receives an update on hurricane preparation and response

10:30 am: Receives his daily intelligence briefing

11:00 am: Meets with Secretary of State Tillerson

12:20 pm: Meets with Amir Sabah al-Ahmed al-Jaber al-Sabah of Kuwait

1:30 pm: Holds a joint press conference with Amir al-Sabah; East Room

3:30 pm: Participates in an infrastructure meeting; Roosevelt Room

7:00 pm: Dinner with House Speaker Ryan; private residence