Kevin Hart Set to Open ‘Industry-Changing’ Plant-Based Fast-Food Restaurant Called Hart House

Kevin Hart is uprooting the fast-food industry with sustainable, affordable and crave-able products in mind. The new quick service restaurant called Hart House is set to officially open its first location later this summer and will serve only plant-forward food while providing high quality jobs in an environment that’s accessible to all consumers and available within minutes of ordering.

“Kevin sort of conceptualized this idea at the beginning of the pandemic,” CEO Andy Hooper told Los Angeles at a private tasting of the new concept. “If I were advising him at the time, I would say, ‘Don’t you dare ever start a restaurant, and don’t you ever start a restaurant in the middle of COVID,’ but after almost two years of really working on this menu and getting the food to a place where it can deliver on that promise, we’re ready to go and we’re excited to tell the world about Hart House and excited to serve the food.” 

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The Hart House menu features 100 percent plant-based burg’rs, chick’n sandwiches, salads, nuggets, fries, tots and milkshakes that are completely free of hormones, artificial colors, preservatives, and high fructose corn syrup. More importantly, Hart strives to ensure the quality of the product can appease even the biggest carnivores. 

“If you were to just come out and say to folks, ‘Come to my vegan restaurant,’ automatically, there’s two thirds of the country that just won’t go because they’re thinking to themselves, ‘Oh, vegan food doesn’t taste as good as other food.’ I think it’s important for us to be a restaurant that first and foremost serves a crave-able product that people go out of their way to consume and then at the end we’re like, ‘Hey, by the way, this just happens to be all plant-based,’” Hooper said. 

“I think one of the things that’s important when you’re thinking about building the next generation of quick service restaurants is acknowledging that it’s going to be plant-forward,” he added. “That’s where things are going, both out of taste preference, but also out of necessity. So when you think about a future that is set up that way, you have to consider all of the things that are going to go into ultimately making that a sustainable experience for everyone.” 


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SOURCE: LA Mag, Madison Brodsky

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