The Dark Side of ‘Manifesting’: The Trend Where You Believe You Can Get Anything You Want by Just Imagining It — Which is Foolishness — but Jennie Agg Says It Leaves Women Blaming Themselves When Things Go Wrong

Whatever you want out of 2022, a bigger house, a dream job, more energy, a bikini body, well, there’s a very easy way to get it. You just need to ‘manifest’ it. Let me explain.

Manifesting or manifestation is the idea that by thinking, believing, and acting in a positive, aspirational way you can have anything and everything you want. Just like that. It even works for serious health matters such as fertility — or so some seem to believe.

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This week, Cara Delevingne said in a magazine interview that she was ‘manifesting’ the child she one day hopes to have by buying clothes for them.

Jennie Agg (pictured)

‘I buy children’s clothes for my future child who doesn’t exist,’ she told Harper’s Bazaar. ‘I went shopping the other day and I bought these tiny Air Jordans, which are purple and they have a lion on them, I’m manifesting . . .’

Reading those words, I felt like someone had taken hold of my heart and squeezed, hard. If only it were that simple. If only I’d known, five years ago, reeling from my first miscarriage — and with three more soon to follow — that all I needed to do to make my dream of having a family come true was simply to fill my still-empty spare room with a cot, toys, and stacks of sleepsuits and tiny shoes. Silly me.

I’m sure Cara meant no harm. I’m sure she would never dream of telling anyone going through infertility or recurrent miscarriage that they just need to believe and their bodies will magically get the message.

But this is the problem with ‘manifesting’ and the pseudo-philosophy that it stems from. It conveniently glosses over all manner of life’s inescapable realities.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Jennie Agg

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