Leah Arthur: 4 Blessings That Come with Marrying Young

My husband and I graduated from college in May and got married six months ago. The time has flown by! Getting married young can come with some pushback and a few comments. Thankfully, both sides of our family were more than supportive and excited for us. I do remember, however, talking with my mom and asking her advice on when she thought my now-husband and I should get married. She raised valid questions. What if you get jobs in different states? Should you experience adulthood and living on your own first? You don’t have to rush anything – maybe you should wait a bit? Now knowing my husband’s side of the story, he was asking his family the same things. His older sister told him, “If you know, you know. Why wait to start life together?” And so, he got a ring, got down on one knee, and here we are! And the Lord has provided for us and been faithful every step of the way.

An argument I’ve often heard against young marriage is that you haven’t been able to “seek out all your options.” The problem with this statement is that it assumes there is one perfect person for you and suggests dumping every other person who doesn’t live up to your expectations until you finally meet them. “The one.” The thing is, there is no perfect person out there to be found. There is only the union of two imperfect people who are perfect for one another. Perfect in that you reflect Christ’s love more beautifully together than apart, and you continue to push each other towards the potential you see in one another. You say “yes” to a future full of adventure, hardships, struggles, and growth. You allow God to be the rock of your relationship and have to trust in Him alone to sustain your marriage.

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I want to put a disclaimer that no one timeline in a relationship is better or more superior than another! Every couple goes through different circumstances and has to prioritize what is best for them. I simply want to share four blessings I have found from marrying young.

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SOURCE: Crosswalk, Leah Arthur

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