So much for gratitude: The Harry Potter stars and Hollywood studio who owe their fortunes to JK Rowling’s genius have turned on her. But like her refusal to be cowed by transgender extremists, she’s not taking their attempt to cancel her lying down

ALISON BOSHOFF: Author J.K. Rowling walked the red carpet with ‘her’ Harry – actor Daniel Radcliffe – and noticed that the 12-year-old was trembling. She put her arms around the youngster to try to reassure him that he was going to be all right. My, how the tables have turned. Rowling, 56, created the boy wizard and has ruled over every aspect of his fictional life, not to mention his financial exploitation in films, on stage and in theme parks. The total worth of the Harry Potter empire today is estimated to be £180 billion. But she has now been repudiated by Radcliffe and the other young actors whom she turned into rich-beyond-dreams stars – all for daring to challenge the hard-line dogma of trans activists who insist biological sex does not exist.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail

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