Podiatrist Reveals What your Toenails Say About your Health

Dina Gohil, Podiatrist & MD at DG Podiatrist and Ambassador for CCS Foot Care, who is from the UK, has revealed common symptoms, and the biggest potential health issues to look out for. Pictured, stock image

A podiatrist has revealed how changes in your toenails can signal underlying health problems.

Dina Gohil, a podiatrist and MD at UK-based firm DG Podiatrist, has revealed common symptoms, and the biggest potential health issues to look out for. 

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Among the explanations include pale nails suggesting poor circulation, anaemia or malnutrition, and white spots being associated with zinc deficiency or fungal infection. 

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Can signal: Poor circulation, anaemia or malnutrition

According to Dina, pale nails (pictured) can sometimes be a sign of poor circulation, anaemia or malnutrition

Dina, who is an ambassador for CCS Foot Care, explains that in the first instance, pale nails are a common sign of ageing – adding if you are over 60 they are unlikely to be cause for concern.

However, she goes on to warn that they can sometimes be indicative of poor circulation, anaemia or malnutrition.

‘They can also be caused by malfunctions in the liver or heart, or poor nutrition, so it is important to get this issue checked out,’ she says. ‘If your nails are mostly white with a narrow pink band at the tip, it could be a condition called Terry’s nails.’

‘This can be due to ageing but it could also indicate diabetes and kidney, liver or lung disease.’


Can signal: Fungal nails, diabetes, psoriasis, or even thyroid disorders 

Yellow nails can be a sign of fungal nails, diabetes, psoriasis, or even thyroid disorders, the podiatrist explained

When it comes to yellow nails, sometimes the stain can simply be from eating food with ingredients such as turmeric, smoking, excessive use of nail polish or leaving nail polish on for too long, according to Dina.

‘In this scenario, your nails should grow clear again, but you can also use natural treatments such as tea tree oil and vitamin E to tackle any infection,’ she explains.

However, the podiatrist says that if it continues to get worse, it could be a sign of fungal nails, diabetes, psoriasis, or even thyroid disorders.

‘If left untreated, the nails can continue to deteriorate and become thick and crumble off,’ she notes. ‘If your nails remain yellow despite repeated treatment, this could be a sign of something more serious such as skin cancer.’

Dina goes on to add there is also a rare condition called ‘Yellow Nail Syndrome,’ which she explains ‘manifests in constantly yellow nails and respiratory or lymphatic problems.’

‘This can be caused by a variety of factors including rheumatoid arthritis, fluid buildup between the lungs and chest cavity and respiratory illnesses.’

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Chloe Morgan

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