Michael Brown on How CNN Helped Create the ‘Cult of Trump’

There’s no question that President Trump knew how to push people’s buttons. And there’s no question that many of his followers were doggedly loyal to the point of not believing anyone other than Trump.

In that sense, they could be accused of being part of the “cult of Trump.” At the same time, the incessant, over the top, attacks of the leftwing media actually exacerbated the situation, helping to create the very “cult” that the left so derided. A recent interview on CNN brought this to mind afresh.

In my book 2020 book Evangelicals at the Crossroads: Will We Pass the Trump Test?, I devoted a chapter to the topic, “The Cult of Trump or Trump Derangement Syndrome.” In that chapter, I examined the argument that Trump was, in fact, a cult leader, using proven techniques to manipulate and control his followers. (Remember his famous comment that he could shoot someone in broad daylight on Fifth Ave. and not lose any voters?)

I also looked at the phenomenon known as “Trump Derangement Syndrome” in which the media seemed to lose its mind when attacking Trump. All sense of balance and proportion was lost. Trump was Hitler. Trump was a raging lunatic. Trump was about to destroy the whole world.

I concluded that “Trump knows how to push our buttons, for better or for worse. He knows how to make himself the focus of the news cycle. He knows how to rally a crowd. He knows how to sell his own product. He knows how to produce outrage. He knows how to foster loyalty.

“As a result, some people, including evangelicals, show him cult-like loyalty to the point of becoming irrational in their support. Others, including evangelicals, treat him with such disdain to the point of becoming irrational in their opposition. Thus, Trump, simply by being himself, contributes to both the ‘Cult of Trump’ and ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome.’ At the same time, many others simply make pragmatic choices for or against Trump, without being part of a cult and without being deranged. It’s really that simple.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News

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