Hunter Biden Gets a Pass Again as Mainstream Media Ignores Claims President’s Son Used His Father’s Credit Card to Pay Prostitute $25,000

Hunter is pictured with a prostitute during a previous encounter. The latest claims from his laptop have been snubbed by liberal publications that enjoyed bashing the Trumps

America’s biggest liberal news outlets have avoided reporting on the latest Hunter Biden scandal, amid claims he inadvertently used his father’s credit card to accidentally overpay an escort $25,000.

The United States’ most popular left-leaning publications and news networks – including The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC – have made no mention of the story in the 36 hours since it was broken by the Post, and confirmed by

On Wednesday evening, CNN host Jake Tapper did mention Hunter on his show – but only while discussing the president’s son’s paintings with Republican writer Kristin Soltis Anderson.

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Soltis Anderson blasted Biden for cashing in on his dad’s name, and selling his artworks to anonymous buyers. But no mention was made of Biden’s alleged overpayments to the sex worker with his dad’s plastic.

This isn’t the first time mainstream media outlets ignored controversy surrounding the president’s son. They previously blanked a June 7 exclusive about Hunter using the n-word, and have faced hypocrisy claims after running multiple stories on the alleged wrongdoing of Donald Trump’s children while he was president.

Liberal media outlets in the US are facing backlash for completely ignoring Hunter Biden’s prostitution scandal. The New York Times has not mentioned the story. Wednesday’s edition is pictured
Thursday’s Washington Post, which has also avoided mentioning the latest Hunter Biden scandal, despite being the White House hometown paper
Rachel Maddow, of MSNBC, made no mention on her show last evening about claims Hunter inadvertently used his father’s credit card to pay an escort $25,000
Jake Tapper, of CNN, mentioned Hunter in the context of another story about him selling his art to unnamed bidders – but did not reference the credit card story
Mainstream media outlets previously ignored a June 7 exclusive about Hunter using the n-word. Donald Trump Jr. tweeted about the double standards that would arise if it had been one of Donald’s children

When the n-word story broke, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted that coverage would have looked far different if it involved someone in the Trump family. ‘Try to imagine one of the Trump kids dropping the n-word,’ he tweeted.

This week, CNN have run a story about Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner distancing themselves from Ivanka’s dad, as well as a follow-up analysis of that claim.

The story about Hunter using his father’s credit card for sex with a prostitute was covered numerous times on Fox News – including on shows hosted by the network’s most popular stars Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity.

But CNN did not mention the credit card story, and MNSBC avoided it altogether.

The lack of coverage has prompted outrage among conservatives with many taking to Twitter to accuse the liberal media of double standards.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Brian Stieglitz

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