Father’s Day Gifts for Christian Dads

It is said that your father is one of your very first friends in life. Fathers are strong, patient, loving, and most importantly, full of wisdom. Whether it is Jesus or your dad on earth, a father’s love is eternal and unconditional – just look at the Kingdom of God. 

21 Christian Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Think of all the wonderful gifts, both material and not, that your dad has given you. Although you should love and appreciate your dad every day of his life, Father’s Day is the one day dedicated specifically to celebrating him. 

If you want to get your Christian dad gifts, there are endless amounts of Father’s Day gift ideas that you can choose to spoil him with. 

Are you looking for religious Father’s Day gifts or gifts that are more fun and generic? Perhaps you want something you can personalize or maybe even something homemade that you simply can’t put a price on — search no further! 

Here are twenty-one thoughtful Christian Father’s Day gifts.

This beautiful Amazing Grace Wall Art can brighten up your room with God’s love 

1. Bible Verse Wall Art

Every household needs some good decor. How about surprising Dad with Christian wall art with his favorite scripture to hang above his bed, in the TV room, or even in his office or workshop. There are so many out there, with scriptures, signs, and even inspirational quotes. 

2. Coffee Mug with Bible Verse

Most, if not all, dads love a strong cup of coffee! Getting him his very own special mug, or maybe even a flask or takeaway mug can act as a small reminder each day that his children love him. 

3. Cross Necklace

Every Christian dad needs a cross necklace. If your dad doesn’t have one yet, it’s definitely worth investing in a quality, silver or gold, men’s cross necklace. He can wear it daily as a sign of his faith in God. If you are really serious about this one, you’ll have to be willing to pay a good price for it.

4. Leather Bracelet

Maybe your old man isn’t a huge necklace guy, in which case, you can opt for a hardy leather bracelet. There are so many different designs out there. 

You can get one with a Christian symbol or sign, maybe even a scripture. Or, choose to personalize it with features from his kids to make it more special. 

5. Engraved Ring

Another special gift idea if your dad likes to wear jewelry is an engraved ring. You can find so many different websites that allow you to write digital or even handwritten messages to be engraved on a piece of jewelry. 

6. Customized Bobblehead

This is one of the fun gifts and definitely a fantastic idea if you want to give your old man a good laugh! You can get a bobblehead made that (almost) resembles your dad’s appearance. You can also add any character traits or quirks that sum up your dad.

If you don’t think he’ll have somewhere to sit the bobblehead, you might even want to opt for a classic piece of art – a caricature. 

7. Toolbox

If your dad likes (trying) to be the in-house handyman, then this is the perfect gift for him. Whether he has his own set of tools already or needs a fully stocked box, there are so many options. 

If you don’t want to purchase a whole toolbox, you can also opt for a screwdriver kit. You can even add a tape measure with a short and sweet Bible verse as a reminder.

8. Bible Verse Card Set

Go to any Christian book shop and you are guaranteed to find Bible verse card sets. You can even find ones dedicated specifically to Christian fathers or men of Jesus. Whether you are the mother of his kids or one of his very own children, this is a great gift idea to add to your list. These are also often used as Father’s Day handouts in church.

9. Family Photo Album 

Your dad loves you more than you know, so don’t be surprised if a photo album full of family pictures with his kids brings him to tears. Whether you opt for a hardcover album, or a digital version, it will be something for him to hold onto and cherish forever. If you want to surprise him you can get his email address and send it to him while he’s at work.

Something to add to this gift and make it even more special could be a family photo shoot session with a professional photographer!

10. Socks

This is probably everyone’s go-to when it comes to giving your father, grandfather, uncle, or boyfriend gifts. Is it because men have an obsessive sock collection, or maybe they just can’t stop losing one of each pair… We’ll never know. 

Either way, socks are always a great idea.

11. Customized Cufflinks

Another goodie for those dads who like to dress up is cufflinks. These are just the cherry on top when it comes to completing that top-man look. 

You can also add your own little unique feature to remind him how special he is to you.

12. Cookie Jar

What is one thing almost all men love? Cookies, cookies, cookies! 

Whether he prefers decadent choc-chip cookies or healthier oatmeal cookies, it is almost impossible to go wrong with a cookie jar. 

13. Personalized Phone Cover

The one thing everyone carries with them, every second of every single day, is their phone. Getting a unique phone case made for your dad will be that perfect daily reminder that his children love him. 

Whether you include a word of faith, a piece of art, or a picture of his kids, this one is sure to be a hit. You can even add in a PopSocket. 

14. Bible

A Bible is one of the most special gifts you can give someone. Whether your dad is new to the faith or has been using the same old Bible for decades now, it never hurts to get a new Bible to continue his relationship with God. 

There are thousands of incredible Bibles, brands, and versions to choose from. You can even add in some custom bookmarks and handy Bible tabs to help him search through God’s Word. 

15. Bible Cover

If your dad takes his Bible with him almost everywhere he goes, including Bible study, he’s probably in need of a protective Bible cover. There are so many different ones, depending on your dad’s style. You can even find one with his favorite scripture on it. 

16. Ties

Your dad probably works really hard to provide for you and your family. Maybe he’s putting on a suit every single day to get the job done. In that case, a man can never have too many ties. 

Add in a customized tie clip to top off the gift.

17. Watch

Every man needs a solid watch. This is definitely one of the more expensive gift ideas, but even if you have to save up for this one, I’m sure you don’t doubt for a second that your old man is worth every cent.

18. Face Mask

In today’s current situation, everyone should be wearing a face mask on a daily basis. But let’s face it, we are always running out of our own personal stock. 

Whether it’s plain black or more suited to your dad’s unique style, maybe add in a fresh face mask as a reminder to stay safe.

19. Coupon Booklet

If you aren’t sold on any of these ideas yet, and you are wanting to give your father something a little more personal and homemade, then this one’s for you. 

Create your own little booklet of coupons giving your dad exclusive access to your services. You can add things such as hugs, cups of coffee, back massages, and whatever else you think he might appreciate. 

Maybe even add in a group Bible study session – Christian dads always love to see their families drawing closer to Jesus. 

20. Gift Voucher

Perhaps you’ve run out of gift ideas. Or maybe you may feel like none of these gift ideas are perfect for your Christian dad, and you would rather let him get something that he truly wants. 

In this case, you can never go wrong with a gift voucher from his favorite Christian store.

21. Father’s Day Card

Last, but not least, this one is more of a nudge than a suggestion. Get your old man a generic card where you can add your own little message, or make one yourself. 

Remember how you used to make them in Sunday School? Be sure to remind him how important he is in your life, and what an incredible Christian he is. 

You can add your own little bit of art to the card you created.

Serenity Prayer Wall Art is a beautiful prayer that could be a great gift for Dad. 

Get Your Christian Father’s Day Gifts

When it comes down to it, your dad is one of God’s greatest gifts to you. From a coffee mug to socks, there are some thoughtful gift ideas that any Christian dad will simply love to get from his kids. 

Now, all that’s left to do is to search and have a little browse around, and decide which Father’s Day gift ideas are perfect to celebrate him.

And if you aren’t comfortable going out during the current pandemic, you can find almost all of these gifts online. Just pop in your address, add in a personal message and you can get it delivered straight to your dad’s door!

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