SERIAL NOVEL: No Time for Evil (Chapter 20), by Daniel Whyte III with Meriqua Whyte

Chapter 20

After saying goodbye to Prophet Malcolm, Bishop Akron confronted his wife. “Andrea, Ebony is going to keep the baby whether you like it or not.”


“Yes, and my word is final. You are not going to continue to put her through the hell that you have put her through this past year. You almost killed the songbird in my daughter’s heart. I used to wonder why she was not her usual cheerful self. I used to wonder why she had become so withdrawn. I used to wonder why she had seemingly lost all interest in church when it used to be the highlight of her week. I used to wonder why you two were constantly arguing. Now I know. You are a treacherous woman.”

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“I did it for you, for the ministry,” Andrea said lamely.

“Oh, shut the lying hell up! You did it because you do not care for your daughter. Hear me and hear me well,” Bishop Akron said. “As you well know, I love my daughter beyond measure. I do not want you to say anything more to her about this. I only want her to talk with Sadie Malcolm about this situation. And don’t you try to get anything out of Sadie or out of Ebony as to what they talk about. Whether you like it or not, Sadie will be taking her in for any doctor’s appointments she may have, and my word is final on that. Is that clear?”

Andrea swallowed hard. It had been a long time since she had seen her husband that angry; she thought it best to keep quiet.

“That child is living in regret and has not been the same since you forced the abortion on her just to make yourself look good. You may have people fooled thinking how good you look and what a good and loving person you are. Remember, you can’t fool me. You look very, very ugly to me and increasingly so because of your lack of character.”

Andrea’s mouth gaped open as her husband continued speaking.

“I’m tolerant of some things and will overlook many things, but not this. I am not going to be a part of you killing my grandchild like you murdered my last one. You witch. Get out of my sight!”

“What about the church? How will it reflect on the church?” his wife lamely asked.

Bishop Akron snorted. “You aren’t getting it, are you? Maybe this will comfort you some: Like Prophet Malcolm said, people are so tolerant of sin nowadays and you should be able to identify with those people . . .”

Andrea rolled her eyes.

“. . .  even in the church,” her husband continued, “that no one will give it a second thought. Are you happy now?”

A crooked smile crossed Andrea’s lips.

Even though I do not care much for Prophet Malcolm, I must give him credit. Those are the best words he has ever said, Andrea thought.

“Now get out of my sight!” her husband said to her.

With Prophet Malcolm’s words ringing in her ears, she gladly left her husband’s presence with a slight pep in her step.

Retiring to his office, Bishop Akron thought about the conversation he and Prophet Malcolm had earlier. He loved his daughter, and riding on Prophet Malcolm’s words, ‘they won’t even give her pregnancy a second thought,’ he was willing to risk her keeping the baby. A sudden yearning for Cecelia’s comforting arms came upon him just then.

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