SERIAL NOVEL: Confessions of a Hotel Maid: Plagues Do Not Come Without a Reason (Chapter 29), by Daniel Whyte III with Meriqua Whyte

Chapter 29

The day before Ann was to meet with her husband to sign the divorce papers, she gave Bianca a call.

“Do you think anything that was said in the meeting resonated with him?”

Bianca shared with her what she and her husband had noticed.

“Yes, he loves Camine and will kill for her,” Ann said. “I was hoping he’d call, but . . .”

“But all we can do is pray for God’s will to be done,” Bianca said.

Later that evening, while Ann was in the shower in preparation for bed, her cell phone rang.

“Mama, your phone’s ringing,” Camine shouted through the bathroom door.

“Answer it for me. Tell whoever it is I’ll call them back shortly,” Ann said.

“Okay,” Camine said. “Hello. Mama’s in the shower. She’ll call you back later. Can you give me your name please?”

“Hello, Camine. This is Daddy.”

“Daddy! Are you coming home?” Camine almost shouted.

“Whoa! First things first. How have you been doing, precious?”

“Good. How have you been doing, Daddy?”

“Fine. How’s school?”

“Fine. How’s work?”

“Just great.”

“So when are you coming home? I really miss you, Daddy,” Camine said.

“Well, that’s why I’m calling. I want to talk with your mother. Is she still in the shower?”

“Mama! Daddy wants to talk with you,” Camine shouted.

“No need to shout,” Ann said, hurrying into the bedroom tying her robe around her. “Thank you,” she said as Camine handed her the phone. “Hello, Greg,” she said as she pulled the covers on the bed back and signaled for Camine to lay down. She pulled the sheet and blanket up to Camine’s shoulders and mouthed ‘good night’ to her while giving her hand a squeeze.

“So how have you been doing since we last spoke?” Ann asked her husband.

“I’ve been doing great,” Greg said. “I’m calling because I’ve been doing some deep thinking since our meeting with Dr. Frank and his wife. I don’t know if you know this, but I spoke some more with Dr. Frank yesterday.”

“I didn’t know that,” Ann said.

“He helped open my eyes more to the tragedy of divorce. What stuck with me more than anything was the effect it’s having on Camine and will have on her in years to come. He said he did not have any exact statistics on this, but he said he noticed that quite a number of missing children come from divorced homes. In fact, he said that is going to be the focus of their next book after they finish the one they’re working on now.”

“Oh, really?” Ann said.

“He told me that he and his wife, Bianca, met you from the research they are doing for their current book, something about men hitting on hotel maids,” Greg said.

“Yes,” Ann said. She told her husband all about the meetings Bianca had held at her workplace. “The more I think about it, the more I’m beginning to think my meeting with Dr. Bianca was more than coincidental. Now that I’m a Christian, I’m seeing it as an act of God.”

“Oh, really?” Greg said. “One thing that Dr. Frank pointed out to me was, do I really want to start this marriage thing all over again with another woman, going through the whole stressful process of getting to know her, putting up with her negativities and idiosyncrasies which will become more pronounced once we get married, and wouldn’t it just be wiser to continue on with the wife I already have and who I already know, having invested five to seven years into her already. That was worth pondering. When I really think about it, things have not been so bad between us that we cannot reconcile. Our disagreements are trivialities compared to what other married people are going through.”

“Yes, he has a point there,” Ann said. “I certainly don’t want to have to go through that process of getting to know someone new all over again.”

“One other thing, and probably the main thing that’s making me reconsider things is, I simply cannot bear the thought of another man, a stranger, taking care of my daughter and trying to act as her father. The thought of him probably hugging or kissing her good night. No, I cannot have that,” Greg said. “So I’m willing to stick with you and put up with you for our daughter’s sake.”

Ann smiled. She was too happy at the good news to try to defend herself. Plus, she sensed a joviality in his voice.

“I guess what I’m getting at is, I’m going to call my lawyer early tomorrow and tell him to tear up the divorce papers and that you and I will be getting back together,” Greg said.

“Oh, Greg! You don’t know how much this means to me,” Ann said.

“Are you crying?”

“Can I help it? Great news makes me cry sometimes especially when it comes from a great person like you. I love you, Greg. I really do,” Ann said.

“I love you, too, Ann,” Greg said. “Is Camine still up? I’d like to tell her the good news myself.”

“She’s asleep. Do you want me to wake her up?”

“No. Let her sleep. I’ll tell her tomorrow. Love you now. Together, we’ll make it. Have a great night.”

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