PODCAST: Whyte House Family Spoken Novels #213: The Unspoken Prayer Request Chapter 7

Welcome to the Whyte House Family Spoken Novels podcast episode #213. Today we are reading chapter 7 of the novel “The Unspoken Prayer Request” by Daniel Whyte III with Meriqua Whyte.


Pastor Ashton preached an unusual message that Sunday. Having extended the church’s ministry outreach into the community, they were becoming more involved in domestic violence and he took that Sunday to talk about it.
“Today, I am going to talk about a very touchy subject — domestic violence. Let me start by saying, I do not believe a man ought to hit a woman for any reason whatsoever. Can you imagine a two hundred pound man punching, hitting, or kicking a woman half his size? They don’t even allow that kind of mismatch in the boxing arena between two men,” Pastor Ashton said. “Sometimes, and this is going to get some of you women mad at me, but sometimes the woman is at fault because she provokes her man.”
“Tell the truth, Pastor!”
“Ladies, once you get married, don’t disrespect your husband by putting him down, and speaking badly about him, especially before others. Don’t disrespect your husband by talking back to him, by disobeying him, by flirting with other men, and by not taking care of his needs.”
“Yes, Pastor.”
Pastor Ashton continued, “Now there are some cases where the man is just full of bitterness and anger for whatever reason. He gets ticked off at every little thing. Sometimes he may be drinking alcohol or he may be on drugs and he temporarily loses his mind—but that’s another case. Folks, the sad thing about this domestic violence issue is, women in our society sometimes unfortunately think that they have to take it. It is not normal. Say it with me: it is not normal.”
“Tell it, Pastor Ashton.”
“Ladies,” continued Pastor Ashton, “let me give you some things you need to watch out for that will lessen your chances of ending up in an abusive relationship: One, check to see if he has a good, loving, respectful relationship with his mother. Does he speak well of her?”
Mother Jamison remembered asking Aubrey more than once about Jamaal’s family and having them over for dinner. Aubrey admitted that she did not know much about Jamaal’s family and had only met the mother once in passing; Jamaal was not too thrilled about eating dinner at Mother Jamison’s house.
“Two,” continued Pastor Ashton, “if he is aggressive and controlling before he marries you, that’s a telltale sign. He is going to be even more aggressive and controlling once you get married because now he thinks you are his — he wrongly thinks he owns you.”
Mother Jamison remembered noticing Aubrey jumping at Jamaal’s every beck and call while they were dating. She hardly had a life of her own.
“Three, if he loves everything about you and everything you do and never expresses an opinion about anything, especially an opinion that is different from yours, I say, beware. Not only will your marriage be a boring one, but he will do the same in the marriage—never stating his likes and dislikes; never saying what ticks him off; never letting you know what things you do that irritate him until one day it all blows up. You see, he has been keeping everything bottled up inside of him, and like a soda bottle that gets shaken up, once the cap is removed, everything comes rushing out like a volcano. That kind of man keeps everything in until it all blows up one day,” Pastor Ashton said.
Mother Jamison thought of Aubrey. She knew Aubrey had a tendency to talk back, and she had an inkling that Jamaal was the kind of man who would not take that.
“The Bible tells us in Galatians 5:16 to ‘walk in the Spirit’,” Pastor Ashton continued. “Husbands, if you are walking in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit will lead you to treat your wife with love and kindness. Wives, if you are walking in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit will lead you to treat your husband with love and respect. The Bible also tells us to love each other. First Corinthians chapter thirteen tells us what true love is. True love is kind, is not easily provoked, and does not behave itself in an inappropriate fashion.”
An unsettling feeling came over Mother Jamison that did not leave her for the rest of the service. She could not seem to get Aubrey out of her mind.


Aubrey breathed a sigh of relief after she heard Jamaal’s vehicle leave the driveway. She swallowed a couple of aspirins and went to relax on the couch. She flipped through the latest copy of Essence magazine, and then fell off to sleep. A frantic knock on the front door drew her out of her slumber. It was Mother Jamison. Aubrey hesitated to open the door. How would she explain the bruises?
“Open up, Aubrey! I see your car in the driveway.” Mother Jamison sounded concerned.
Aubrey slowly opened the door. “Oh, my goodness! What happened to you? Is he here? I knew something was wrong,” Mother Jamison said stepping inside.
Aubrey managed a weak smile.
“Something kept bothering me throughout the services,” her mother said, enveloping her daughter in her arms. “I had to come and check on you. What happened?” she asked as she led Aubrey to the couch.
Aubrey reluctantly told her mother everything — how Jamaal kept getting drunk, and how that when he was drunk, he would lose his temper and become violent. She went back to the time he first hit her.
“Why didn’t you say something back then, Aubrey? We could have gotten you both into some marital counseling or something.”
“Thanks, Mother, but this is my marriage and I did not want to bother you with our problems. I am an adult now and I just have to handle my own problems. Plus,” Aubrey added sheepishly, “you did warn me about getting married when I did and you did warn me about marrying Jamaal. I just could not bear to hear the words ‘I told you so’.” Aubrey tried to hold back the tears that were beginning to fall.
“Aubrey,” Mother Jamison said softly, “you know I wouldn’t even think of saying that. We have to look out for your safety. Right now, you’re coming home with me. What time will Jamaal be back?”
“He left with a duffle bag. I suppose he’ll be gone for a few days. I’ll be alright,” Aubrey said trying to sound convincing.
“But what if he comes back and begins hitting you again. I mean, look at your neck. He could have choked you to death.”
“Mother, it only happens every now and then. For the most part he is sane,” Aubrey said.
“Yes, but you never know when he is going to act insane,” her mother said firmly. “This domestic violence thing keeps going round and round in a circle. Pastor Ashton even preached on it today. He’s doing a series on it. It never ends until something drastic happens. Come on, let’s do something about those bruises.”
Aubrey gratefully accepted her mother’s tender touch. The ice pack felt good on her neck. Although the alcohol stung, she felt relief after the antibiotic cream was applied to the cut across her forehead. Another aspirin helped with the headache. Mother Jamison made her as comfortable as possible on the couch with pillows and a blanket. “You relax and rest up while I fix us something to eat.”
Mother Jamison hummed her prayer song as she prepared the simple meal of lasagna, garlic bread, and salad. She was upset, but for Aubrey’s sake, she had to remain calm. She knew Aubrey had her issues, but like the pastor said, there was no excuse for Jamaal, or any man for that matter, to hit a woman. Go outside and let off some steam; beat the trash can; tear up a pillow and pray in the process—but don’t hit your wife. Why Aubrey had not left him was beyond her. Why she kept it a secret was even more of a mystery.
“Lord, show me what I can do to help my daughter,” she prayed as she put the lasagna on the plates. She had no doubt that the church was bringing her unspoken prayer request before the Lord. “Lord, just help me not to get ahead of You.”


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4. Accept the fact that you cannot do anything to save yourself! The Bible states in Ephesians 2: 8, 9: “For by grace are ye saved through faith: and that not of yourselves: it is a gift of God. Not of works, lest any man should boast.”

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“For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

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