PODCAST: Fulani herdsmen kill 14 Christians in village near Jos, Nigeria (Whyte House Report 05.30.21)

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According to to Morning Star News, Fulani herdsmen on Sunday (May 23) killed 14 Christians in a village near Jos, Plateau state and eight others in another village, sources said. Herdsmen attacked Kwi village, Riyom County, near Jos, at about 11 p.m., said area resident Solomon Mandiks, a Christian rights activist. “Fourteen Christians were butchered to death, including children,” Mandiks told Morning Star News in a text message. “Eight members of one family have all been killed. This is beside an additional six other Christians killed by the herdsmen in the village.” Earlier that night in Dong village, Jos North County, armed herdsmen attacking at 8 p.m. killed eight Christians, area residents said. Asabe Samuel, 60-year-old member of the local Evangelical Church Winning All congregation, said in an interview at her home that a large number of herdsmen invaded as residents were about to go to sleep. “I was by the central area of the village, which has shops and serves as a market, when I heard Fulani gunmen shooting around my house,” Samuel told Morning Star News. “This forced us to run to hide.” As the sounds of gunshots were coming from the direction of her house, others advised her not to return home, she said. “I still rushed to my house, and just as I was getting closer to my house, I found that one Istifanus Shehu, 40, a member of COCIN [Church of Christ in Nations] who has had mental health challenges, was shot dead, and his corpse was lying beside my house,” Samuel said. “We heard the attackers retreating and shouting ‘Allahu Akbar [Allah is greater].’ The herdsmen were also communicating with themselves in the Fulani language.” After they retreated, residents found eight Christians were killed in attacks on four houses, she said. Besides Shehu, she identified those slain as Ruth Adamu, 20, an ECWA member; Naomi Adamu, 40, of the ECWA; Friday Danladi Riya, 22, of the ECWA; Awuki Matthew, 28, Catholic; Gospel Matthew, 4, Catholic; PraiseGod Matthew, 2, Catholic; and one identified only as Chinyere of St. Jude’s Anglican Church.

According to Mission Network News, As Iran cracks down on mass media and free speech ahead of elections Heart4Iran will need innovative solutions to keep its online communities alive. Effective material to reach Iranian children is seriously lacking. “We decided to duplicate our virtual church platform and present a virtual Sunday School to the people of Iran,” Ansari says. A new initiative brings the Gospel to Iran’s next generation. More than 60-percent of the country’s population is under 30 years old. Long-term strategic and innovative planning is what Heart4Iran is aiming for. “Our goal is to create a bridge and provide resources to parents and children [so they can] understand the faith of Christianity [and] so they would help change and transform the future of the country,” Ansari says. One of the key resources Heart4Iran is using to reach the Iranian children is Superbook, a high-quality children’s animated Bible series. “Many families that have left Islam for Christianity [lack] children-focused content to help their children learn the basics of their new faith. We’re also hoping the community of resource and ministry partners outside of Iran would join us in making this initiative a success,” Ansari adds. Contact Heart4Iran here to discuss partnership opportunities.

According to Faithwire, Heidi Baker lives in one of the poorest countries on earth – a country that’s now considered to be one of the most dangerous. But you wouldn’t know it by talking with her. “This is the greatest time to be alive, for such a time as this,” Baker told CBN News during a recent interview. The 61-year-old American minister lives in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado Province where, since 2017, ISIS-linked militants have killed more than 2,600 people and displaced 700,000 in their quest to establish an Islamic caliphate. “If you are a believer in Jesus you are one of the first who is right on the list,” Baker said. A group known as Al Shabab is responsible for dozens of terror attacks. “Churches have been burned and anyone who is not agreeing with this specific group of terrorists, whatever faith they have, their homes are being burnt as well, their crops are being burnt,” Baker said. Baker, who runs Iris Global, a Christian humanitarian organization, has lived in Mozambique for over 25 years, seeing firsthand the devastation and pain. Yet she says the Lord is moving powerfully across the country. “I’m telling you in the midst of the tragedy, God is doing the most incredibly beautiful things and He’s wiping away the tears,” she added. “We’ve ramped up our efforts so now we are feeding 34,000 individuals a day and mostly comforting the broken, holding them in our arms, praying with them,” Baker told CBN News. She says that when threats of danger rise, she tells her team to be wise, take necessary precautions and “Don’t be afraid but fix your eyes on Jesus, He takes away the fear and puts relentless courage in you.”

According to Mission Network News, In the Northeast African country of Mauritania, Islamic extremists have created online hit-lists of Christian leaders. Greg Kelley of World Mission says, “It’s basically a call to warfare against people that are propagating and sharing the Gospel in Mauritania. There’s a number of key Christian leaders that we’re working with whose names are on this list. And it’s just a green light to take them out. Obviously, we need to pray for God to protect them because these are the key people that are leading the Church of Jesus Christ and advancing the Gospel in these places.” World Mission supplies these believers with solar-powered audio Bibles in Arabic and French. Kelley says, “What we’ve seen is over 30 house churches developed just in the last year. It’s amazing when we think about a country like Mauritania. The power of the Word of God to transform hearts is very much at work.” Pray these Christian leaders will be safe, and that Jesus will transform Mauritania into a land of peace.

According to The Jerusalem Post, An individual known as Timothy Buckles, Tim Layne, and Ami Ron Buckles, living in Jerusalem and posing as an Orthodox Jew, has been accused of being a covert Messianic Christian missionary. The allegations have been made by the Beyneynu anti-missionary organization on the back of research it conducted into Buckle’s identity. Beyneynu recently exposed another covert missionary, Michael Elk, who posed as an ultra-Orthodox rabbi, scribe and mohel, but who has been shown to be non-Jewish and an activist in Messianic congregations and organizations. Buckles did not respond to several requests for comment. Buckles, who was closely associated with Elk, is originally from the US but made aliyah in 2017, and has been involved in Messianic Christian groups since at least 2010. He was the head of the Messianic organization Tzemach David, based in Everett, Washington, a 501c nonprofit which is registered as a “Foundation Type Church 170(b)” and was appointed to the position by Elk. Buckles was known to Jewish communities in the Seattle area, which he and others attempted to infiltrate, beginning in 2012.

According to Mission Network News, The COVID-19 pandemic has driven people more and more to screens and the internet. People seek information, and they want to be connected with others. That’s why SAT-7 has unveiled a new social media structure for the SAT-7 ARABIC audience. Joe Willey of SAT-7 USA says, “That will really allow us to follow up with their requests and their questions in a much more efficient way. So there are five new social media channels, SAT-7 Family, SAT-7 Youth, SAT-7 Women, SAT-7 Worship, and SAT-7 Daily Bread.” SAT-7 doesn’t just broadcast content out to people in the Middle East and North Africa. They engage with user questions as well and provide people with guidance. Willey says, “The trends show that people are looking for this specialized content. Many are searching for answers to why all this is happening, asking why there is a pandemic, and this is an opportune time for SAT-7 to connect with people.”

According to Assist News Service, Pastor Bob Fu, founder of ChinaAid, received the William Wilberforce Award from the Colson Center for Christian Worldview on Saturday, May 22, amid hundreds of guests attending the awards banquet at the Omni Hotel in Fort Worth Texas. Highlights of the award ceremony included in-person tribute speeches honoring Bob from former Ambassador for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback, Midland Mayor Patrick Payton, attorney Michael Horowitz, and one of the leaders at the Tiananmen Square protests, Pastor Zhang Boli. During his award speech, Bob recognized the rescued Kazakh refugee family in attendance who were recently interviewed by ABC News. The ministry said in an update: “The entire ChinaAid staff is beyond thankful for your prayers and support for all those who face persecution for their faith, and for your partnership with ChinaAid to expose the abuses, equip the leaders, and encourage the persecuted faithful across China.”

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