Choosing the Tablet Holder for a Mic Stand


It’s hard to overrate the necessity of a teleprompter when you’re delivering a sermon or a regular speech. Today’s tablet has all it takes to display the theses you have prepared, but you need it available right on stage. That’s why a tablet holder for microphone stand is just as necessary as a tool for a modern preacher as a pulpit in traditionally designed churches.

Why Teleprompter?

Inspiration is one of the most unstable things, and its irrationality allows it to be spoken of as a miracle. But as you deliver sermons frequently, it should be a scheduled miracle, the one you need to catch once and hold for long. That is, write the thesis of what you want to speak about next time, and have it before your eyes while preaching. Even if your memory is far from fading, you know the New Testament by heart and can quote anything, you still will need theses to refer to while speaking.

The Tablet Comes First

Your tablet is obviously not one of those Moses received on Mount Sinai, but it can display the same commandments, and even more of the Holy Scriptures, as well as other books you might need, your own comments on the fragments, and the theses of your speech. It even has a teleprompter feature, delivering you the lines just in time for you to deliver them further.

You may have been using it for years or bought it just recently, but there is always a reason for you to choose this exact model. So the holder for it should be compatible with your tablet. Most of today’s holders, though, are versatile in terms of size. So your tablet will fit in it.

Do You Need the Mic at All?

There are two distinct types of stands: one works like a typical music stand, replacing the mic on the stand (like K&M Mic Stand Holder), and another is attached to the stand with the mic already on it, letting you use both (like Hola Music HM-MTH). The choice depends on whether you need the microphone at all. You definitely need one if:

  • The hall is too big for your unassisted voice;
  • You experience problems with speaking loud and clear (for example, you are recovering from sickness)
  • Your sermon is being recorded;
  • You want to keep the physical distance, so the listeners have to stay rather far from you.

Then you may require another microphone stand for your tablet, but looking at it may get you confused. In contrast, the one that’s a bit below your eyes on the same stand is quite a solution.

If there is no need for you to use a mic (for example, you deliver in an old church with perfect acoustical design), you’ll be good with just one stand to hold your tablet on it. But the first thing you need to be sure of is readability. So first, choose where you’d like to see the tablet while speaking, and then select the holder that supports it.

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