PODCAST: Whyte House Family Spoken Novels #199: Charmaine Chapter 31

Welcome to the Whyte House Family Spoken Novels podcast episode #199. Today we are reading chapter 31 of the novel Charmaine” by Daniel Whyte III with Meriqua Whyte.


After worship services on Sunday morning, Pastor Gillespie called Charmaine to the podium. “As you are now fully aware, Sister Gillespie and I have gone our separate ways. I have waited for almost a year now and Sister Gillespie has moved on—I have not heard from her. I have decided to move on myself and I have asked Charmaine Ayana Okekeri to be my wife. She has graciously accepted.”
There were surprised looks on many of the faces in the congregation.
A foreigner? a few of the single ladies thought.
Others gave a round of applause. “Congratulations, Pastor!”
“We love you both!” Shouts of joy came up from the Ethiopian group. Some of the ladies did an African dance of joy at the announcement. Many saw this as the open door to solidifying their position and their presence at All Peoples Non-Denominational Church. Bohlale was surprised at the news. Overcoming his disappointment, he decided to do the mature thing. He congratulated Pastor Gillespie on his way out the door, and congratulated Charmaine later that evening.


Zelda Martin had barely pulled out of the church parking lot as she put in a phone call to Gloria Gillespie.
“I told you, Sister Gillespie. He was seeing her before you walked out on him. By marrying this Ethiopian girl, he is going to bring the whole Ethiopian community into the church and pollute the church. If I were you, I’d step in.”
“And how do you propose I do that?” Sister Gillespie asked. Frankly, she was tired of Zelda’s manipulating spirit.
“Oh, just walk into his office and tell him you’re against it. Bring your lawyer into it. Or better still, go to the Queen of Sheba Restaurant and tell this Charmaine not to mess with your man. You can even work with me and Martin…”
“What do you mean ‘work with you and Martin’?”
“Do you have a new email where I can send you a little book about these people? We have the scoop on them. As soon as I get home, I’ll be sending it to the church family. These Ethiopians are slowly working their way into the church to take over. Martin and I are going to put a stop to it!”
“Does my husband know anything about it?” Sister Gillespie asked.
“We tried to tell him about these people but he won’t listen so we took matters into our own hands.”
Sister Gillespie smiled to herself. This time around she was not going to let Zelda Martin pull her into a twisted web and have her all confused. But she decided to play along.
“Go ahead and send me the little book,” Sister Gillespie said after giving her the email to send it to. “And thanks for letting me know. Have a great evening, Zelda.”
Zelda Martin felt pleased as she pushed the send button that evening to send the ebook to the church family. “Tomorrow, we should be hearing some buzz,” she told her husband. “I’ll also call Mr. Carrington. I’ll just share with him what Connie shared with me. Wednesday night prayer meeting should be mighty interesting.”


On Monday, Pastor Gillespie took Charmaine out for lunch. “Well, how do you feel?” he asked her.
“Blessed,” Charmaine said. “I look forward to being your wife. Have you found out for sure who’s trying to get rid of my people?”
“Oh, I would not worry about that,” Pastor Gillespie said. “Didn’t you notice the tremendous response from the people when I announced the wedding?”
Charmaine nodded with a smile.
“All is under control. Right now, I need for you to focus on us. Can you do that?” Pastor Gillespie asked.
“I can do that,” Charmaine assured him.
After dropping her off at the restaurant, Pastor Gillespie decided to stop by the church. So many things were happening he could not afford to take this Monday off. Sis. Mona greeted him with a worried look.
“Oh, Pastor, I was hoping not to bother you, but all hell has broken loose since last night.”
They went into his office as Sis. Mona informed him as to what was going on. She pressed the ‘play’ button on the answering machine to reveal some disturbing messages:
“Pastor Gillespie, you are one negro (I was going to say ‘nigger’ but I respect you as a man of God). How could you do this to these dear people? They have been nothing but a blessing to us.”
“This is not the Pastor Gillespie I know. Why would you stab these Ethiopians in the back like that?”
“I am definitely moving my membership elsewhere and I’ll be taking a few other families with me.”
“You are a deceitful, two-timing person. Here you are announcing you’re going to marry that sweet Ethiopian girl, and then you put out a book putting them down.”

“What is going on?” Pastor Gillespie asked Sis. Mona.
“This is what is going on,” she said clicking on an ebook. “Bro. Emmitt sent this about an hour before you came. He said it was in his inbox when he checked his emails on the job this morning. He said his wife, Connie, received one as well. Apparently, someone sent this ebook out to the church family. I did not get one, and neither did Mother Louise and some others I checked with.”
The Real Truth About the Ethiopians flashed across the screen. “Bro. Emmitt says to turn to page twenty and go forward.” Pastor Gillespie took control of the mouse and hurriedly flipped through the familiar twenty pages. What he saw from page twenty going forward shocked him. The Ethiopians were pictured as “bastards, uncouth, having evil minds.” It went on to state “these voodoo worshippers are slowly but surely infiltrating churches all over this country with their hedonistic practices.” Pastor Gillespie read out loud: “These deceptive people will present themselves as humble, meek and quiet, seeking only to worship the true God with us, but after a few months, they will take over the operations of the church.”
“What’s all this about?” Pastor Gillespie asked with a puzzled look. “This was not in the original copy I gave the Martins permission to send out.”
Pastor Gillespie continued reading to the end. The Ethiopians were presented as being here illegally with a notation indirectly indicating that most, if not all, of them may be in the country illegally. The last page had the following statement: Why don’t you do your part as informed citizens and call your local Immigration and Naturalization Service Department, and inform them before the Ethiopians take over our beloved America.
“Tell me something, Sis. Mona, because I am ready to fight somebody here,” he said reclining back in his chair.
“This is what I think, Pastor,” Sis. Mona said, “I believe the Martins sent us a clean copy. Then after you gave the okay to mail it out, they went in and inserted all this negative stuff about them and sent it to the church family. I didn’t get a copy, so I am thinking they did not send it out to those who were close to you.”
“That’s a logical explanation.”
“Bro. Emmitt said he and his wife spoke with the Martins at length about it because he thought Bro. Martin was still over that ministry. He says he’ll be talking with you on tomorrow. They will be going over to the Martins for dinner to discuss this some more.”
“Thanks, Sis. Mona. Do you know whether or not Sentayhu or the others have received this book?”
“I don’t think so,” Sis. Mona said.
“Well, say nothing to them, and take all messages. I’m going to call this Mr. Carrington at the INS office and get to the bottom of this.”


“Mr. Carrington, this is Pastor Roland Gillespie of the All Peoples Non-Denominational Church here in Texas. I received this rather disturbing letter from your office. In fact, it had your signature, Weldon Carrington, at the bottom of the letter. It came via overnight mail.”
Pastor Gillespie read the contents of the letter to him. Mr. Carrington could not recall sending such a letter. “Let me check with my secretary. We have so much going on at the office.”
When Mr. Carrington returned, he informed Pastor Gillespie that he did not authorize the sending of such a letter. “But,” he said, “a Mrs. Martin contacted me a couple of times about your housing an Ethiopian group who may be here illegally. In fact, she mentioned your name and your church’s name.”
“Yes, she called last week but I was out of my office. My secretary spoke with her and told her to gather her sources and get back in touch with us.”
“Mr. Carrington, Mrs. Martin is doing nothing but feeding you lies.” Pastor Gillespie gave Mr. Carrington the full scope of what had been happening since the Ethiopians started coming to their services including having to relieve Bro. Martin of his duties as head of that ministry. “Everything was going well with them worshipping with us until I placed Bro. Martin over that ministry. Others have shared with me his negative attitude towards them and believe he is behind all the scheming to get rid of them.”
“So, in effect, Mr. Martin and his wife are taking the law into their own hands?”
“Yes,” Pastor Gillespie said.
“Do they know that that is a federal offense and they could get thrown in jail for it?” Mr. Carrington said. “Do you know for sure that they are here legally?”
“I am almost sure, but I can double check,” Pastor Gillespie said. “Mr. Carrington, I want you to know that I do not mess with the laws of the land. I will cooperate with you as far as getting to the bottom of this.”
“I pick up that you are an honest man,” Mr. Carrington said. After putting Pastor Gillespie on hold, he returned to share with Pastor Gillespie how they should proceed.
“If you don’t mind, could you please fax me a copy of the letter, and also a copy of the letters the Martins sent to the Ethiopians. It might seem as though we are moving fast, but we would like to come by on Thursday and Friday and do a random check of the Ethiopians before we confront Mrs. Martin.”
“Sure,” Pastor Gillespie said. “I am sure that will not be a problem. I’ll show you around myself. Would 8:00 in the morning be too early?”
After Mr. Carrington copied down the church’s address, phone number, and email address, 8:00 was agreed upon. Pastor Gillespie immediately passed on the newly acquired information to Sis. Mona. “Make a notation of everything, I’m sure we’ll need to refer to it again. Before you do, please get Sentayhu on the phone.”


No sooner had Mr. Carrington hung up the phone from talking with Pastor Gillespie, he received a phone call from Zelda Martin.
“Mr. Carrington, I am so glad I got a hold of you. Things have been happening in our favor regarding these Ethiopians. I have a lot of new information for you. Did you receive the ebook my husband and I put together about these Ethiopians?”
“I have not checked my email yet. I’ll get my secretary to check it out. In the meantime, what new information do you have for us?”
“A lot. I have it all planned out how we can easily rid our city of them.” Not waiting for a response, she continued. “My friend, Connie, was telling me you all just gather them up in one fell swoop and bus them to their country of origin. I can see how that works for the Mexicans — you just bus them across the border and deposit them. But how does it work for people overseas?”
“We have a holding place, and we either put them on a ship or on a plane as space allows and return them to their homeland.”
“What happens to them once they are returned home?” Zelda Martin asked.
“We then turn them over to the INS officers in their country and they take it from there,” Mr. Carrington said. Unknown to Sis. Martin, her conversation with Mr. Carrington was being recorded.
“Oh, I see,” Sis. Martin said. “I’ve been doing some research and I found out that there is a big scam going on with these illegal aliens. I am told that they get a lawyer to help them get fake IDs and other documentation. They pay the lawyers big money to help them.”
“We need to employ you,” Mr. Carrington said.
Zelda Martin chuckled. “That’s not all. This is where Pastor Gillespie comes in, and not just him, but I believe some of his deacons are in on it too. And that is, they marry these aliens so they can remain in the country. I hear they get paid to marry them, then after so many years they file for divorce.”
“How do you know for sure your Pastor is in on this?”
“Well, he and his wife got a divorce and he announced from the pulpit on yesterday his plans to marry this Ethiopian girl. You see, he has to do his thing in the open so no one will get suspicious.”
“You said his deacons are in on it as well?” Mr. Carrington asked.
“I believe one or two of them are,” Zelda said. “They exchange their marriage vows down at the courthouse. It’s a big scam, Mr. Carrington.”
“Mrs. Martin, I want to thank you so much for this information. This will certainly make our job easier,” Mr. Carrington said. “Hold on a minute, my secretary says she has the book that you sent up on her computer. She says I might want to take a look at it. If there is nothing else, let me go and read the book. Thank you so much for this wealth of information. Don’t hesitate to give me a call if anything else comes up.”
“I certainly will,” Zelda Martin said.
Mr. Carrington hung up.


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