Michael Brown on The Problem With Christians Who Want to Take Up Arms Against the Government

It is true that our national freedom came at the cost of a bloody war, the Revolutionary War. And it is true that the liberation of American slaves was directly connected to an even bloodier war, the Civil War. But that doesn’t mean that there is legitimacy to some recent, Christian talk of another Civil War, this time involving Christians taking up arms against the government. Perish the thought. To the contrary, if were to be honest, we have seen the enemy, and it is us.

The Biggest Problem in Our Nation is the Church

Before I explain what I meant by my last comment, let me make clear that I am not addressing a potential scenario in which the government seeks to seize control of all guns, thereby disarming the populace. That is an important question for another article.

What I am addressing here is the notion that our current government is so corrupt and that our nation is so far gone, with our most essential liberties under daily assault, that an armed conflict with the government is inevitable. It is that notion that I am categorically rejecting, but not because I am unconcerned with the direction in which America is going. To the contrary, I am deeply concerned.

My point is simply that taking up arms is the last thing we should be thinking about since the biggest problem in our nation is the Church. Put another way, if even 10 to 20% of this nation’s Christians started praying with holy desperation and gave themselves to repentance and evangelism and revival, God Himself would begin to intervene on our behalf. That’s why I say that “we have seen the enemy, and it is us.”

It’s Not Time for an Uprising

I would liken this to someone, whom we’ll call Sam, who joined the local fitness club, with benefits including unlimited, live classes, unlimited use of all equipment, and a free, monthly session with a personal trainer.

But after one year, Sam saw absolutely no results, as a result of which he burned his membership contract in front of the fitness club and went on a social media tirade, blasting the local owners.

The problem is that Sam saw no results because he didn’t go to the club. He never worked out. He didn’t take advantage of what was offered.

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SOURCE: Stream.org, Michael Brown

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