Neoclassicism in your living room: what you should know

The classic style in the interior design has always been in fashion and still has not lost its popularity. However, it underwent some changes, transforming into a new direction – neoclassicism. 

Characteristic features of the neoclassical style 

Neoclassicism as an interior style dates back to the Enlightenment, when Roman-Greek philosophy and literature were at the peak of popularity. It was appreciated for its simple and clear forms, symmetrical and expressive lines, the presence of ideal proportions in everything, the combination of luxury and modesty in the interior.


    • architectural details such as columns and moldings;
    • pastel shades, often blue tones;
    • simple, symmetrical, geometrically shaped furniture;
    • accessories distinguished by nobility, images of mythical creatures and plant patterns, no excessive pretentiousness;
    • natural finishing material of high quality, quite expensive (marble, precious metals, wood, natural fabric, for example, silk, velvet, a large number of mirrors and glass).

Room decoration principles

The style of modern classics gives any room tranquility and restraint, nothing stands out from the general picture, each object is strictly in its place and performs a specific task.

If the classical style required the use of expensive and valuable materials, now the neoclassics have become less demanding. Inexpensive finishing materials for walls, like ordinary wallpaper, paint or textured plaster is quite acceptable. The combination of materials of different textures is also welcomed. For example, decorate the main part of the room with stylish wallpaper or fabric upholstery, and the rest with wood paneling.

Parquet is best suited as a flooring. The wooden floor gives the room a special comfort and warmth. Moreover, it is possible to reduce the cost of finishing by using cheaper materials, but their quality must be very high.

With the ceiling, everything is much easier. It is enough to cover it with paint and simply decorate it with stucco. You can also opt for a two-level plasterboard, wooden suspended or tension structure. Plus, the color of the ceiling should be strict, light, but cold, in complete harmony with the general idea of ​​the interior.

Modern classics are one of the best options for decorating a living room, as they perfectly combine the elegance of ancient times and the practicality of modernity. The only drawback is that specialists do not recommend using it for decorating small rooms. 

If you still want to make a small living room in the neoclassical style, it is best to use only certain features to recreate this special spirit. You can visually increase the space, for example, with vertical stripes on the walls and a glossy ceiling surface or merge the room with the kitchen, which will give more space for imagination. In this case, zoning can be performed using columns and arched openings.


Heavy, expensive, natural materials can be replaced with cheaper analogs. For example, drywall or polyurethane can be used instead of natural stone, classic wooden parquet can be replaced with laminate.

Changes have also taken place with the material for pilasters and cornices. Today, it can be the most common drywall. But furniture should still be expensive and solid, most often made from artificial or natural leather, wood, aged metal.

The color scheme for a neoclassical living room should be warm, soft and light shades. The most suitable are:

    • ecru;
    • champagne;
    • ivory;
    • creme brulee;
    • smoky;
    • ash;
    • olive.

It is allowed to use rich tones of these shades, as well as color accents, for example, purple, black, gold, burgundy, purple or blue. The main rule is that you must use a few tones, so as not to turn the room into a “parrot” – an indicator of bad taste.


All furniture items should be characterized by simplicity and elegance. That is why the preference should be given to furniture made of oak, mahogany or ebony. Typical for neoclassicism are:

    1. gold and silver details;
    2. elegant legs;
    3. Greco-Roman elements.

It is also recommended to place a carpet in the center of the room, and arrange the furniture set around it. Such sets usually include:

    1. two armchairs;
    2. a sofa;
    3. high, graceful chairs;
    4. several types of tables.

A special table can be placed on the carpet, which will become the main decoration of the living room. A similar function can be taken over by a fireplace.


A neoclassical room should have a lot of light, both daylight and artificial. Lamps of various shapes and textures can be used to correct all the flaws of a room. For example, a narrow space can be significantly expanded thanks to lighting, or, on the contrary, emphasize all the existing advantages.

You need to think about all the light sources you want in your room. Their role can be played by:

    • tall floor lamps with fabric shades;
    • romantic wall sconces;
    • a chandelier.

Decoration features

Details are very important for the interior of a neoclassical living room. Decorative elements must have a pattern; it is allowed to use floral ornaments or images of mythical animals. 

Remember that the number of decorative elements should be small. One vase and a candlestick may be sufficient. It is better to pay special attention to window openings, namely curtains. It is recommended to use natural fabrics which form beautiful folds. You can supplement the curtains with soft lambrequins that will add special expressiveness to the drapery.

If the living room is very small…

Techniques that can be applied to decorate a small living room:

    1. Combine the living room and kitchen. The former wall between them can become a rack or a bar counter. This will give a little space to the already small living room.
    2. Neoclassicism accepts a large number of mirrors. You can visually enlarge a small living room with one mirrored wall.
    3. Interior doors can be replaced with arches, which will give more space.
    4. Choose furniture from natural materials, refined and not bulky.
    5. Choose a glossy stretch ceiling in white which will visually enlarge the living room. However, you will have to forget about a large crystal hanging chandelier and choose a sub-ceiling one.
    6. The light combination with pastel walls and mirrors will help to expand the space.

Overall, the design in the style of modern classics can transform the living room and make it much more spacious. To do this, you need to adhere to our tips, not pile up the room and choose the suitable furniture to keep up with the design. For this, access NY Furniture Outlets and start your online shopping session for the most exquisite sets of outlet items at the best price!

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