Message to Hezbollah: Israel Doesn’t Want a Fight, but Don’t Expect Submission

FILE PHOTO: An Israeli F-16 fighter jet takes off from Ramon air base in southern Israel during routine training, October 21, 2013. REUTERS/Amir Cohen/File Photo

Earlier this week, the Israeli Air Force carried out a three-day exercise simulating a large-scale war against Hezbollah, the terrorist group that controls much of Lebanon, and which reportedly has as many as 150,000 missiles aimed at Israel.

Included in the exercise were simulated strikes on some 3,000 Hezbollah targets in a single day. This number of targets in one day is unprecedented, particularly compared to the fact that during the entire 2006 Lebanon War, it’s been reported that Israel reportedly attacked some 5,000 targets. The Israeli army undertaking, much less publicizing, this exercise is understood as a clear threat to the Lebanese Islamic terror group.

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In the simulation, the catalyst that triggered the “conflict” was a Hezbollah surface to air attack against an Israeli aircraft, something that they tried to do earlier this month, firing anti-aircraft missiles at an Israeli drone.

As unprecedented as this Israeli exercise was, the response from Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah was equally predictable yet ironic. Hezbollah is a Shiite Islamic terror group that controls most of Lebanon, both militarily as well as its parliament. Last summer’s massive devastating explosion at the Beirut port was linked to Hezbollah arms smuggling. It’s no surprise that at every chance it can, Hezbollah and Nasrallah, as puppets of Iran, will rattle sabers and threaten Israel.

While threatening to bomb Israeli cities as it does with great matter of fact, it was ironic that Israel’s undertaking an exercise in response to a military action by Hezbollah was met with a response from Nasrallah, that the terror group doesn’t want war. As reported on Israeli TV, Nasrallah released a video in which he declared, “We don’t seek a fight with Israel, but if it starts a war, we will fight. Israel’s home front needs to know that if there is a war with Hezbollah, it will see things it has not seen since the establishment of Israel.”

Nasrallah’s own words, “If [Israel] starts a war … with Hezbollah,” underscore that he and his terror group are not protecting Lebanon or the Lebanese people. In fact, by using civilian cover for military installations, Hezbollah threatens the Lebanese people daily. That was never more vivid than in Beirut last year. Because Hezbollah acts on its own and the Lebanese armed forces exist only in name, Nasrallah makes no secret that he calls the shots in Lebanon.

The IDF reported that dozens of aircraft participated in the “Galilee Rose” exercise. Adding to the simulation as if it were possibly real, this was not a long-planned exercise, and many Israeli reserve troops were called up to active duty at the last minute. An unnamed Israeli officer stated, “In this exercise, we simulated the actions that the entire air force would take, going from peacetime to wartime, in order to deal with these threats, these attacks against our aircraft.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News

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