What Do You Know About HP Envy Printers?

Have you purchased a HP Envy or maybe you are considering it? Either way, this model is one of HP’s best selling printers and we are here to help you work out why. We’ve taken a close look at the HP Envy series and shared some fascinating facts so that you know exactly what you are getting hold of. Read on to find out more.

HP Envy Printers Do More Than Just Print

The HP Envy series has been built with your needs in mind and can do much more than just print your documents. These printers are compatible with photo printing so that you can print off your holiday snaps with ease. They also scan and copy so that you can organise your home or office with ease.

We love that these printers are so multi-functional because it means that you can get all your jobs done without having to leave the house or spend money on other pieces of tech that you can’t afford.

HP Envy Has Been Around for Ages!

The first HP Envy was released back in 2009 and impressed people with the range of functions that it could complete – making it a household necessity. This model has sold consistently well over the years and continues to be one of the best selling items in the HP inventory.

The latest models have been upgraded since 2009 but they still offer the wide range of productivity tools that we have come to expect as well as being wireless and able to connect via Bluetooth. Plus, you can now send your items to print directly from your mobile device so that you do not need to logon to your printer every time you need a document.

HP Envy Models Work With Replacement Ink

HP are renowned for selling expensive HP printer ink that prices many people out of being able to afford an Envy printer. However, if you do choose to purchase one then you can buy a compatible HP Envy cartridge instead of spending on the more expensive genuine versions.

Many people worry that their printer will not work properly if they use replacement ink or that it may invalidate their warranty but if your machine is over a year old then you do not need to worry about this. If you are keen to try replacement ink then you will be excited to find out that when you purchase a HP Envy 4500 ink cartridge, or similar, you can expect to save up to 75% of the price you normally pay – what a bargain!

Buy Your HP Envy Today

So, if you are still considering a HP Envy printer then we say – go for it! Excellent productivity, high quality prints, a trusted brand and cheap ink options that will make it affordable! Take your time to find the model that suits your needs and when you try replacement ink, make sure you go to a trusted ink company like Smart Ink so that you get the best quality ink for the lowest price. Happy printer shopping!


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