Set Free Ministries Responding to a Year of Strong Emotions

Image courtesy of Chad Davis on Flickr

Often years are marked by events. What happened and where. However, 2020 was also marked by intense emotions both in public and private arenas.

Dean VanderMey with Set Free Ministries says in almost every venue right now there are two predominant emotions: anger and fear. “Anger is a God-given emotion for injustice. It’s when there’s an injustice or a perceived injustice, that creates anger. So there’s a lot of injustices and perceived in justices that have happened in the last year, in 2020.”

Anger, Fear and Christians

VanderMey says the key to Christians navigating conversations and events where anger and fear dominate is to remember who is in control. No event surprises God and He will bring about ultimate justice.

Human anxiety and fear often pour gas on the fire of anger when it is already out of control. Suddenly a situation appears to be terrifying because emotions have taken over. The truth of the Gospel must reign.

“Circumstances should not change our spiritual equilibrium,” VanderMey says. “We see the apostles actually having a hymn sing after they got beaten, whipped in prison. So circumstances shouldn’t be dictating our spiritual health.”

Responding in Love, Joy and Peace

The same principle applies to righteous anger. Desiring truth and justice to be present is good. Letting that righteous anger morph into something that controls is dangerous.

VanderMey says, “Love, joy and peace is not based on circumstances. So we have to start turning our hearts toward heaven, and asking the Lord what’s in our hearts that’s causing the fear and anger and the anxiety, and start to release that back to the Father. Whether it’s perceived injustice, or a real injustice.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Anna Deckert


  • Pray that God would cause His Church to seek his love, joy and peace during angry and fearful times.
  • Seek help with anger and fear at Set Free Ministries.
  • Share the hope of Christ with those who are struggling with anger and fear.

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