Michael Brown on If Obama and Trump Were Not America’s Political Saviors, Surely Biden is Not

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You would think Americans would have learned the lesson by now, but it appears we have not. Instead, every four or eight years we elect a new president with great fanfare, breathlessly praising or criticizing their first moves in office. Surely they will turn the tide of the nation, we think to ourselves. Everything will change under their administration. Except that is not reality. But our memory is short, and soon enough we’re thinking that the next president will be “the man” or “the woman.”

Barack Obama was the chosen one, depicted by Newsweek with a halo over his head, the man whose speeches caused Chris Matthews to feel a “thrill” going up his leg.

Next was Donald Trump, drawing massive crowds to his rallies, a man prefigured in biblical prophecies, with a cult-like power over his followers. Even Trump’s opponents attributed god-like powers to him.

Are Presidents as Powerful as We Seem to Think They are?

As The Stream‘s Tom Gilson wrote sarcastically, “Donald Trump is powerful. Amazingly powerful, if you believe what his opponents say. Indeed, the most magically powerful man the world has seen in generations. They know well the wizardry he wielded, especially in his final months as president. They know he led a vast array of people against that great god, Karl Marx, and all the lesser deities emanating from him, the academics, bureaucrats, and politicians who’ve brought us today’s reigning elite cult of cultural Marxism.”

Yet, as exaggerated (and even ridiculous) as it was to look to either Obama or Trump as savior figures, they did, at least, have a certain charisma.

Obama was not just our first black president. He was (and is) a great orator, able to inspire a sense of hope in his followers, even if the hope was false.

Trump, for his part, knew how to work a crowd and appeal to his populist base. He alone could be trusted. He only could do the job. At least that is the impression he gave.

As for Joe Biden, he is a career politician who, at the twilight of his career, is now our president. He is neither Obama nor Trump, and even in the best of times, it is highly unlikely that he would have drawn massive crowds, let alone motivated them.

President Biden, the Darling of MSM

Yet he is now the darling of the mainstream media, the new hero, the political savior, the truly anointed one. He is even being hailed as a super-saint, a “devout Catholic” (in contrast with a “controversial Catholic” like Justice Amy Coney Barrett).

As Newsbusters tweeted, “What bias? The liberal media are talking about Joe Biden as if he is some Saint of Catholicism instead of the President.”

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SOURCE: Stream.org, Michael Brown

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