Ed Stetzer in USA Today Says Evangelicals (Mostly White Evangelicals) Face a Reckoning Regarding Donald Trump and the Future of Our Faith

Faith leaders pray with President Donald Trump during a rally for evangelical supporters at the King Jesus International Ministry church, Friday, Jan. 3, 2020, in Miami. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

No one likes to admit they were fooled. It’s tough to admit we were wrong. Now, many evangelicals are seeing President Donald Trump for who he is, but more need to see what he has done to us.

It’s time for an evangelical reckoning.

I’m an evangelical, like about a quarter of the United States population. Evangelicals believe in the good news of the Gospel — that Jesus died on the cross, for our sins, and in our place — and we need to tell the world about that.

But, that’s not what most people are talking about today. You see, white evangelicals embraced the president, some begrudgingly and some enthusiastically, because he addressed many of their concerns.

Many evangelicals and leaders invested money, time, and conviction towards the promise of MAGA. In turn, Donald Trump made good on these investments from an evangelical perspective. Most evangelicals (me included) are grateful for the Supreme Court justices he appointed and for some of the religious liberty concerns he addressed. His anti-abortion stances surprised many (again, me included), and for that I was thankful.

But, most of that is in jeopardy now because Trump is who many of us warned other evangelicals that he was.

We reap what Trump has sown
He’s burned down the Republican party, emboldened white supremacists, mainstreamed conspiracy theorists, and more.

Yet of greater concern for me is the trail of destruction he has left within the evangelical movement. Tempted by power and trapped within a culture war theology, too many evangelicals tied their fate to a man who embodied neither their faith nor their vision of political character.

And as a result, we are finally witnessing an evangelical reckoning.

For years we’ve been talking about a coming evangelical reckoning. A flood of books, articles, and conferences — many of which I wrote and participated in — have warned of the approaching storm clouds for the evangelical movement.

This reckoning is here.

Americans (and the world) have the right to ask us some hard questions.

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Source: USA Today