World Concern Teams Up with Local Churches in South Sudan to Prevent Coronavirus Infections

Image depicts World Concern partners in South Sudan holding banners with COVID-19 prevention information. (Photo courtesy of World Concern via Facebook)

Effective messaging is critical for raising community awareness and knowledge of COVID-19 prevention. See our full coronavirus coverage here. In South Sudan, World Concern teams up with local churches to spread the word.

“When it came to COVID-19 messaging, it became very effective for them because they established those relationships with their communities,” World Concern’s South Sudan Country Director Joshua Bundi says of church partners.

“When you empower the local church, they become more effective messengers. The communities we are working in so far have not had a case reported.”

World Concern already worked closely with local believers. The pandemic proved why that ongoing partnership is so important.

“We understand the communities we are working in; they do not have the capacity [or] the ability to handle COVID,” Bundi explains.

“The best we could do was to start community preparedness way in advance, even before the first case started. The churches became the center of our activity [and] the agents of our message on COVID.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray these efforts will be effective in preventing COVID-19 infections.
  • Pray that, as trust builds between villagers and Gospel workers, believers find opportunity to talk about Jesus.