With All Due Respect to the Great Former Mayor of New York, He Needs to Sit Down Somewhere: Rudy Giuliani Holds Rambling Press Conference Alleging ‘Massive’ Voter Fraud as Hair Dye Runs Down His Face

I’m melting: As the bizarre press conference went on, a heavily sweating Giuliani began to have streaks of apparent hair dye on the side of his face

Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani delivered a rambling monologue Thursday meant to reveal evidence for a ‘massive’ voter fraud where he quoted ‘My Cousin Vinny’ and claimed he had ‘hundreds’ of sworn affidavits as evidence that he would not share – because, he claimed, their lives would be at risk.

After suffering more than a score of legal defeats on President Trump’s multi-state case to throw out ballots, Giuliani resorted to an extended rant about alleged fraud to reporters packed in tightly at the Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington.

The last time he held a press conference was at Four Seasons Total Landscaping in northern Philadelphia, making the RNC’s packed conference room at least an upgrade. And this time there were no known sex offenders on stage with him.

Instead there was a self-styled ‘elite strike-force team working on behalf of the president’ who outlined a conspiracy which wove together Hugo Chavez; China; Venezuela; Cuba; the Clinton Foundation; George Soros; testimony found ‘on the internet’; ballots which arrived in trucks; New Jersey voters who crossed the Camden; ‘hack’ judges; vote counters in Germany and Spain; and Democratic political machines just like Mayor Daley in the 1960s.

The strike-force team’s other leader, Jenna Ellis, bristled at the demand for actual evidence, saying: ‘Your question is fundamentally flawed when you’re asking where is the evidence.’

At the end she claimed that Rudy Giuliani and another lawyer – Sidney Powell – had ‘released the Kraken,’ a mythical sea creature which destroys ships.

The press conference was announced by Donald Trump and praised by him as it went on in a tweet: ‘An open and shut case of voter fraud. Massive numbers!’

Not socially-distanced: Rudy Giuliani was surrounded by a maskless group on stage including from left Sidney Powell, who is Mike Flynn’s attorney, Joseph diGenova and his wife Victoria Toensing, a husband-and-wife lawyer team who have promoted conspiracy theories, and Boris Epshteyn, a Trump aide
Running: The president’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani had matching streaks of either hair dye or make-up on both sides of his face as he addressed the media

As the two-hour long spectacle unfolded, two streaks of brown dye rolled inexorably down 76-year-old Giuliani’s face, apparently unnoticed by the former mayor and presidential candidate, who wiped his face and forehead repeatedly with a white handkerchief.

‘Did you all watch My Cousin Vinny?’ he said, seeking to make the point that election observers were kept too far away from ballots during the count.

‘These people were further away than My Cousin Vinny was from the witness,’ he said.

Giuliani even acted out part of a scene played by actor Joe Pesci, using a Brooklyn accent. He called it one of his favorite crime films. He said the race was ‘not a victory. It’s a fraud.’

His charges ran the gamut, and he spoke before a team of lawyers and a sign that was meant to show Trump’s ‘Multiple Pathways to Victory.’ It highlighted states all carried by President-elect Joe Biden.

‘What I’m describing for you is a massive fraud. It isn’t a little teeny one,’ he said.

‘The president way ahead on election night,’ Giuliani, 76, said.

He bristled at a question about whether he would seek to drag out cases, and what he would do with his evidence if courts refuse to hear it.

”We’re not going to drag it out. It’s ridiculous for you to say we’re dragging it out. Al Gore had a lot more time than we have had and we have had two weeks to investigate so that’s also completely unfair to say we’re dragging it out,’ he said.

He expressed shock at how the vote changed as absentee ballots came in.

‘We have statisticians willing to testify,’ Giuliani said, in a harangue that lasted for more than 40 minutes.

He blasted Detroit and Philadelphia, cities with concentrations of black voters where he said there was fraud in elections going back decades.

‘Each one of these cities are cities that are controlled by Democrats. Which means they can get away with whatever they want to do,’ he claimed.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Geoff Earle