Viewership Soars for Christian TV in the Middle East

A worship concert filmed on the roof of SAT-7’s Beirut studio lifted spirits after the Beirut explosion.

As nations mark World Television Day (21 November), soaring audience engagement shows that Christian television is bringing hope to Middle East viewers grappling with COVID-19, according to a SAT-7 press release.

The Middle East Christian TV network is looking back on a record year of interactions between its viewers and audience support teams. Since the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) began confronting the challenge of COVID-19 in March, a 30 per cent climb in audience engagements* for the network overall has shown how many have turned to SAT-7 for support.

The growth was especially marked for the channels that serve Turkish viewers, Arabic speaking children, and for SAT-7 ACADEMY education programmes. Audience engagement for SAT-7 KIDS climbed by 90 per cent (to 47,300 contacts). Contacts for the Turkish channel, SAT-7 TŰRK, rose 120 per cent (to 25,300), and audience engagement for SAT-7 ACADEMY soared by 328 per cent (to 47,500).

In total, between January and September this year SAT-7 received 310,000 audience engagements, almost a third more than during the same period in 2019.

As millions in the region faced months of COVID-19 lockdown and its severe effects on health and incomes, many depended on SAT-7 as a trusted source of health advice, spiritual support and companionship.

From the beginning of the pandemic and even when an explosion in Beirut caused mass destruction and trauma, its studios in Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus and the UK resolved to maintain as much live programming as possible. The network believed it was essential to remain alongside its millions of viewers in perplexing and unfamiliar times.

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SOURCE: Assist News