Small Church in Indiana Helps Thousands in Pakistan by ‘Focus Outwardly’ Despite Hard Times Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Plymouth Baptist Church, a Southern Baptist congregation of 35 in a town of 10,000 in northern Indiana, has touched thousands in Pakistan through supplying materials and training in Henry Blackaby’s classic Bible study, “Experiencing God.” | Plymouth Baptist Church

Northern Indiana’s Plymouth Baptist Church is experiencing tough times, with fewer attendees and dollars than its pre-pandemic prime. But the congregation of three dozen’s commitment to looking to the harvest of souls has touched thousands of lives in Pakistan.

“When circumstances get more difficult, the tendency is to focus inwardly,” Executive Pastor Doug Dieterly told The Christian Post. “We wanted to be sure our focus was outward, to see what God was doing elsewhere.”

He asked the church to pray for a connection to a Christian work in a foreign country, and members readily responded, having gone through Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God several times as a body. One of Blackaby’s primary principles is to be open to seeing the Lord’s activity in unexpected places and join Him there rather than starting a ministry on our own and trying to get Him to bless it.

God answered the congregation’s prayer through a visitor, Adam, who told Plymouth Baptist about a missionary to Pakistan — “Paul” — he supported. Church members felt God move on their hearts to support work in the country, which is 96% Muslim. (Pakistani Christians prefer to be anonymous due to severe persecution by the Islamic majority.)

Soon after, Paul had to flee, and he ended up taking refuge in the United States, in Adam’s home. Of course, Adam brought the missionary to church, where Dieterly just happened to be starting a 12-week class in Experiencing God. He stayed through the whole Bible study.

Paul was excited to hear the study’s message of how the Lord connects His people, multiplies their efforts, and provides for their callings. He asked Dieterly if he could get copies of the study in Urdu to take it with him to Pakistan.

The executive pastor (who’s also the associate teaching shepherd) and the rest of the church had been helping supply Bibles overseas in foreign languages. However, this was the first request for the study by Blackaby, a longtime Southern Baptist who planted 30 churches in Canada by waiting on God’s direction, timing and fulfillment of His Word.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Kyle Huckins