Prepare for Holiday Season with the Keys for Kids Christmas Devotional

Photo courtesy of Chris Benson via Unsplash.

If there was ever a year to start a new, meaningful Christmas tradition with your kids, it’s this year. We haven’t even hit Thanksgiving yet, but now is the time to plan how you want to spend your socially-distanced Advent season as a family.

To that end, Keys for Kids Ministries is featuring a special 12-day Christmas edition of their Keys for Kids devotionals! The Christmas devotional contains 12 short and engaging stories to teach children about Jesus, the Gospel, and what Christmas is all about.

Emily Tenter, Keys for Kids’ director of marketing, says, “All of our stories put the Gospel in the context of real situations at home, so each story features a kid learning something new. In this case, it’s going to be all centered around the truth surrounding Christmas.”

Keys for Kids devotionals aren’t just for parents and their children; they are also great for churches, schools, and even grandparents or other family members to give to kids!

Tenter says the Keys for Kids Christmas devotional is meaningful for all children whether or not they go to church or are familiar with the Bible.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Lyndsey Koh


  • Pray for boys and girls reading the Keys for Kids Christmas devotional to know Jesus.
  • Ask God to bless Keys for Kids’ ministry as they share the Gospel with children and teens.
  • Pray for the Keys for Kids Christmas devotional to prompt spiritual conversations between kids and parents.