NFL to Impose ‘Intensive’ Coronavirus Protocols on a ‘Mandatory, League-wide Basis’

The NFL will impose “intensive” coronavirus protocols on a “mandatory, league-wide basis” starting this Saturday, according to a memo obtained by The Hill.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told the teams in the memo distributed Wednesday that they would all follow intensive protocols to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 among players and other employees.

He cited “the sharp growth in Covid-19 cases in our communities” and the “related increase in cases” within the clubs as reasoning for the stricter rules.

Under the intensive protocols, masks are required in team facilities, including during practice and in the weight rooms. Meetings are mandated to be held virtually unless they are held outdoors or in an approved large indoor space.

Meals will be served on a “grab and go” basis, as people will be prohibited from sitting or gathering in the cafeteria. Using the locker rooms is “strongly discouraged,” and any use is limited to less than 15 minutes per person.

“The upcoming holidays, beginning with Thanksgiving next week, will introduce new risks of exposure that we need to address now,” Goodell wrote.

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SOURCE: The Hill, Justine Coleman