Lee Strobel Launches Free Online Video Series to Make the Case for Christmas

Lee Strobel | Lee Strobel

Lee Strobel has announced the launch of a free, four-week online video Bible study, which will investigate the historical and logical veracity of the account of the birth and divinity of Jesus beginning Nov. 30.

“When I was an atheist, I loved the Christmas season, because I managed to focus on all the superficial trappings of the holiday instead of the spiritual dimension,” says Strobel, former legal editor of The Chicago Tribune who’s now a Christian and apologist, in a video message on the study’s website.

Releasing one video per week through Jan 1, 2021, the former atheist will help participants understand that the four Gospels in the Bible are historically reliable in their telling of Jesus’ biography.

In the study, sponsored by the popular Christian website Bible Gateway, Strobel “will separate the traditional myths from the real facts of the Christmas story by uncovering scholarly evidence gleaned from research and interviews regarding the true nature of Christmas.”

Strobel, who became a Christian in 1981, explains in his video message that after his wife, Leslie, became a Christian and he began to investigate the identity of Jesus, “I wanted to separate the holy day from the holiday, the facts from the fantasy, the truth from the tradition, and get down to the historic bedrock of what Christmas is all about.”

The apologist, who has since served as a teaching pastor at three of the largest churches in the country, thought at the time that he would be able to prove that Christmas is built on “flimsy legends that developed in the many decades after Jesus lived.”

However, after “a thorough investigation,” Strobel said he found that “ancient history actually validates the Christmas narrative, because it’s based on reliable sources that are too immediate to be written off as being mere legend or make believe.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Anugrah Kumar