Kelly Williams on Who is Your President for the Next Four Years?

The election is complete, the media has declared Joe Biden, president elect, and our current president, Donald J. Trump, has filed legal claims in multiple states to block the outcome. President Trump is claiming the election was won illegally. Before all is said and done, I am sure this will make its way to the highest court in our land.

So, whose your president for the next four years?

We have Democratic Christians declaring they are glad they now have a president they can be proud of who doesn’t bring shame to them. They are at peace that the lying can finally end in our country and we can have honest politics under a Biden administration.

We have Republican Christians declaring that God gave them a prophetic word in the night and God will come to President Trump’s aid and deliver our nation from the tyranny of fraud and illegality and bring a triumphant President Trump through the fire and back into the highest office in our country to lead us to prosperity and peace for four more years.

As a follower of Jesus Christ, I petition you with a question:  Who’s your president to restore hope to our nation through this political democracy?

Kelly Williams is co-founder and senior pastor of Vanguard Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. | Courtesy of Kelly Williams

In our day, if we are honest, we are ALL looking for a person to be our political savior through our democracy.

In Jesus’ day, if they were honest, God’s people were looking for a person to be their political savior to deliver them from the empirical tyranny of Rome.

In essence, God’s people were looking for a political messiah to save them from the maladies of their day.

The people were desperate to know they had someone who could bring HOPE to their HOPELESS LIVES.

Sound familiar?

Does to me.

Then, Jesus arrived on the scene.

Could this be the political Savior they were waiting for?

Many thought, YES!

However, over time, not Rome, but God’s own people decided Jesus was NOT the guy. He was either too angry or too nice or too…whatever. And they concluded:  JESUS IS NOT THE GUY!

The political tensions of God’s people in Jesus’ day BOILED OVER and Rome had to get involved.

We know the story. Jesus was betrayed by Judas, arrested and then questioned by Pilate. Pilate’s wife had a PROPHETIC VISION THAT JESUS IS WHO HE SAYS HE IS.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Kelly Williams