Jentezen Franklin on How Will You Respond If Your Candidate Wins or Loses?

Jentezen Franklin on How Will You Respond If Your Candidate Wins or Loses?
Stickers for voters on the day of the South Carolina primary in Union, S.C., last month. / Credit…Mark Makela/Reuters

Let me ask you two very profound questions: What if your presidential candidate actually wins? Consider that for a moment and then ponder this: What if your presidential candidate actually loses? If you think these are simple questions with simple answers then you haven’t been paying attention for the last several months. Your response as a believer in the aftermath of this election may have a far greater impact on the Kingdom and this nation than any political decision or legislation that passes with the signature of the winning candidate. 

Many experts are calling the election of 2020 the most pivotal election since Abraham Lincoln ran against General George McClennan in 1864 — a time when the Civil War was raging and our nation was every bit as divided. Just as was the case over 155 years ago, when all the votes were counted, there was a winner and there was a loser. But to ignore the aftermath of that election would be a grave error. While Lincoln won easily, the nation remained divided and more than 700,000 men and civilians were killed in a battle that pitted neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother, and citizen against citizen. Sound familiar?

While the actual winner of the 2020 presidential race has yet to be determined, there are two things we do know right now: There will be a winner and there will be a loser. Today, more than any time in modern history, and because of technology and media coverage we are afforded, the stakes have never been higher. If there is anything we have learned from history, it’s not the election results that have taken lives, destroyed property, and viciously hurt innocent bystanders, it’s the response of the winners and the losers of those elections that created irreparable harm and unyielding division.

Pastor Jentezen Franklin’s new book “Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt” addresses forgiveness and healing from a broken heart. | Photo: Icon Media Group

You Have a Choice to Make

Like so many personal decisions, and certainly for this election, wisdom says that it’s better to decide what your response will be before the actual moment occurs when the victor is declared, with a cooler head and with prayer, than to wait until you are in the heat of the moment and emotions are raging. After all, these aren’t small issues at stake and many issues on the ballot hold very little room, if any, for middle ground.

What will you do if your candidate wins? How will it affect you if your candidate loses? How will either of these outcomes affect your relationship to friends and family who are on the other side? Consider these weighty questions before the emotion of the moment comes rushing in like a flood and you say or do something you regret, or worse yet, withdraw in such a way that changes your spiritual trajectory or significantly decreases your influence on a lost and dying world.

What If Your Candidate Wins?

What will that victory mean to you? Will it feel like validation? Will it cause you to believe that God was on your side? How will it cause you to see those who voted differently? Will they sense humility and respect for their passion and resolve — or will they see you “spike the football” as you gloat and ignore their pain? Will they sense compassion or an air of superiority? Will they someday be open to hear what you have to say about Jesus or will they do everything they can to avoid you and your self-righteous countenance?

One thing I do know for certain if your candidate wins is this — your ability to reach those whose candidate just lost will be much harder because their loss is greater.  Consider that when the football is yours to spike and you are about to do your end zone dance. What will your Facebook post say? What will you do on Instagram and Twitter? I can promise you this – those who just suffered a great loss will be watching, and your influence with anyone that thinks differently than you will be hanging in the balance.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jentezen Franklin

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