Hannah Beecheler who Happens to be Black Says to ‘Commemorate 2020 I Painted my House BLACKITY BLACK BLACK BLACK!!! Holla’

Hannah Beachler, from New Orleans, shared snaps of her house on Twitter and explained how she gave her abode an overhaul to ‘commemorate’ 2020

A homeowner has revealed how she painted her house black to ‘commemorate’ 2020 – including the walls, the exterior, blinds, roof and window frames.

Hannah Beachler, from New Orleans, posted snaps of her newly painted house on Twitter and was inundated with praise from social media users who were impressed with her creative efforts.

This year, the coronavirus pandemic left the nation in lockdown and tragically killed 1.45 million people worldwide, with 13.3 million cases and 266,000 deaths recorded in the US – the worst affected country in the world.

On top of that, 2020 has seen several anti-police brutality protests take place around the world and particularly in the US following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Hannah Beachler, from New Orleans, shared snaps of her house on Twitter and explained how she gave her abode an overhaul to ‘commemorate’ 2020
Hannah painted everything except the door black – including the roof, wooden cladding, window frames and shutters (pictured)
The homeowner explained she decided to opt for the bold design to commemorate 2020 – a year where the coronavirus pandemic killed 266,000 people, and the US was rife with racial tensions

In her initial Tweet, Hannah penned: ‘*Clears Throat* To commemorate 2020 I painted my house BLACKITY BLACK BLACK BLACK!!! Holla.’

The post was accompanied by three pictures of the exterior of her newly decorated abode.

Retro and quirky, Hannah’s house is full of personality inside and out, thanks to retro furniture and floral curtains

In the comments section, Hannah explained that she used high gloss paint and light reflectors.

The homeowner, who did not complete the work by herself, added it took professional painters two months to complete the overhaul.

Hannah also shared picture of the inside of the house, revealing her impressive sense of style and love of antiques and quirky items, such as a swan-shaped tap in her bathroom.

Many were quick to take to Twitter, with several branding the color choice ‘gorgeous.’

‘I am INTO it,’ praised one, while a second wrote: ‘It is so ducking gorgeous. A pitch black house is my DREAM.’

In Hannah’s bathroom, a more modern style meets with quirky touches – such as a swan tap over the sink (left)

People loved the look of Hannah’s house, with some saying it looked ‘gorgeous.’ Hannah revealed it took two months to complete by professional painters

Hannah told how she made the bold move to commemorate 2020 – the year of the coronavirus pandemic, which killed 272,254 in the US.

2020 was also the year where the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25 sparked a broader conversation on police brutality and race relations in the US, which led to protests around the country which echoed around the world.

In England, the take down of a statue of English merchant and slaver Edward Colston in Bristol during a Black Lives Matter protest on June 8 led to a larger conversation about cultural heritage and whether statues honouring British figures who held racist views should be taken down.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Claire Toureille