ChinaAid Founder Pastor Bob Fu Files Lawsuit Against Billionaire Guo Wengui for ‘Terroristic Threats’

(The Lanier Law Firm)

Death threats on YouTube.

Living under protective custody.

Protesters outside the family home.

A slander campaign on multiple internet platforms and print propaganda distributed in Midland, Texas, where the Fu family lives and operates ChinaAid.

Pastor Xiqiu “Bob” Fu is fighting back. Friday, he filed a lawsuit in federal court against Guo Wengui, also known as Miles Kwok.

Chinese activist, author and Christian leader Fu has been under attack since Sept. 27, when protesters arrived outside his home and began daily picketing and protesting. Threatening videos have been posted on YouTube—and more.

The attacks accuse Fu of being a communist and a spy for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

“These statements are utterly and entirely false,” said Fu in a formal letter he sent to Guo Nov. 3 demanding the “campaign of character assassination and defamation” cease. “My life in the United States has been devoted to Christian ministry and the cause of freedom and human dignity. Consistent with my long-held Christian faith and my duties as a husband and as a father to three children, I have never committed the vile acts of which you accuse me.”

Fu said Guo has not responded to the letter.

The lawsuit is the next step. It claims that Guo, the billionaire owner of Beijing Zenith Holdings, unlawfully targeted Fu through:

  1. Stalking.
  2. Defamation.
  3. Conspiracy.
  4. Invasion of privacy.
  5. “Terroristic threats.”
  6. Inciting followers to kill him.

Guo is orchestrating a “multifaceted campaign of character assassination” to silence Fu and his longstanding work to promote religious freedom and human rights within China, according to the suit.

Fu has testified 13 times before Congressional committees on human rights violations in China.

Fu said he believes Guo is not an anti-CCP dissident as he claims, but is hunting true dissidents on behalf of the CCP.

“It’s no coincidence,” Fu said, “that official Chinese propaganda outlets (including the Global Times) are attacking the same Chinese dissidents in the United States as Guo.”

“Although claiming to support the Chinese pro-democracy movement, Guo employs his vast legal, financial and corporate resources, together with his robust social media presence, to systematically target pro-democracy and pro-religious freedom activists in the Chinese American community,” the lawsuit says. “Since 2018, Guo has attacked Chinese human rights activists and bona fide CCP dissidents in the United States. This year, Plaintiff Bob Fu became Guo’s latest target.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News, Janenne Irene Pung