Trump fans unite across America as he battles coronavirus plague: President’s supporters pack streets outside Walter Reed, take part in a huge boat flotilla in Florida and pray in New York

Supporters of President Trump gathered outside of Walter Reed Medical Center to wish him a fast recovery after he was diagnosed with COVID-19, as dozens joined for a boat rally in Florida and for prayer to support him in New York City. The last several days have proved unpredictable for the Trump administration as it battled both illness and dwindling poll numbers just one month before the contentious November election. It was confirmed early Friday morning that Trump and First Lady Melania tested positive following his disastrous debate with Joe Biden on Wednesday in Cleveland, Ohio. Nearly a dozen people who worked at the first presidential debate tested positive after Chris Wallace, moderator and Fox News anchor, claimed that the Trump family did not undergo prior testing and refused to wear masks. At least seven of Trump’s inner circle, including Kellyanne Conway, revealed they were infected after attending Amy Coney Barret’s ‘superspreader’ Supreme Court Justice nomination event in the Rose Garden last week.

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SOURCE: Mail Online