Savannah Guthrie Grilled Trump Like Few Others Have, Taking the Heat Off NBC for Its Town Hall

Savannah Guthrie Grilled Trump Like Few Others Have, Taking the Heat Off NBC for Its Town Hall

NBC faced sharp criticism this week for scheduling a Thursday night town hall with President Donald Trump, with even network employees chiding their employer for giving him an hour of airtime – “a free hour of television,” he said, sounding pleased, at a rally earlier that day. Even worse, critics said, it was matched up against ABC’s town hall with Democratic candidate Joe Biden, making voters choose.

But, despite fears that the event would amount to a free promotion for Trump’s campaign, it ended up being one of the toughest grillings he has faced as president, with questions about white supremacy, covid-19 deaths and his taxes.

While the event was nominally a town hall, featuring questions from Florida voters, it included a lot of direct pressing by the moderator, “Today” co-host Savannah Guthrie, who repeatedly challenged the president’s evasions.

At one point, after pushing Trump on his retweet of a QAnon-linked conspiracy theory, Guthrie said, “I don’t get that. You’re the president. You’re not like someone’s crazy uncle who can just retweet whatever.”

When Trump said he wasn’t familiar with QAnon, Guthrie said “you do know,” to which he replied: “No, I don’t know. You tell me all about it. Let’s waste the whole show. Let’s go. Keep asking me these questions.”

After questioning him about his frequent claims of election fraud, Guthrie told him, “There is no evidence of widespread fraud, and you are sowing doubt in our democracy.”

When Trump said he couldn’t release his taxes because he’s “under audit,” Guthrie repeatedly countered by saying, “you aren’t.”

For his part, Trump protested Guthrie’s questioning, saying, “I knew you’d be doing this. . . . You always do this.” He complained that Biden got much easier questions from moderator Lester Holt when he participated in a similar event held by the network on Oct. 5. “He was asking questions like Biden was a child,” Trump said.

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Source: SF Gate