Robin Schumacher on When Church is Just an Hour on Sunday

After a hardened drug dealer was evangelized by a pastor over a period of time, he ended up making a confession of faith and was baptized. He immediately began attending a local church.

But within just a few weeks, the man was back in the same gang, running with his former crowd, and immersed in his old life again. When confronted about his activities, he gave a simple explanation.

“You didn’t tell me that the Church is just an hour on Sunday.”

He went on to say that, as bad as his old environment was, his gang provided him with a continuous sense of belonging and companionship; a place where he felt needed and wanted on a daily basis. The church, he said, was just a sterile gathering of people once a week that quickly dispersed and whose take-or-leave-you attitude left him feeling alone.

Courtesy of Robin Schumacher

Does that church experience sound like one you’ve run into? Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised if you said yes.

The clique or the crowd

While the body of Christ is meant by God to be welcoming, loving, and a real family that each member is supposed to participate in, many times, it unfortunately doesn’t present in that way. Instead, the two most common representations are the clique and the crowd.

Years ago, my wife and I started attending an adult Bible ‘fellowship’ class that typified the clique. For 4 weeks running, the designated class greeter came up to us and said, “You’re new here aren’t you?” Hey, give the guy credit for at least that. Maybe my wife and I aren’t that memorable.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Robin Schumacher