No Time for Evil Episode 4 by Daniel Whyte III with Meriqua Whyte

No Time for Evil

Judgment must begin at the house of God

Plagues do not come without a cause


by Daniel Whyte III
with Meriqua Whyte


Christian, Stop Your Sinning! 


“It just disgusts me to hear preachers who know God is chastising them, yet acting as though they don’t know God is chastising them, saying, ‘I’m going through a trial. The devil is putting me through the wringer, but I’m still holding on.’ Holding on? Holding on to what?Your sin?”

Bishop Akron listened as Prophet Malcolm continued. 

“Liars! Hypocrites! They know God is chastising them, but they’re too stinkin’ proud to admit it. And that not only goes for pastors; that goes for those sitting all smug and comfortable in the pews as well. I don’t know how many people have left my church down through the years because I told them to stop sinning. I went to this evangelism conference one year and this preacher preached a sermon titled, ‘Christian, Stop Your Sinning!’ You could have heard a pin drop in that place. He was hitting on everybody.”

“But, Prophet Malcolm, I’ve heard you preach multiple times and I’m just curious, are you still preaching hard to the people? You know, hell fire and brimstone sermons as you call them?”

“I surely am, and I am not relenting. Even with the coronavirus plague, and having to preach on-line through ZOOM, I must preach sin and evil out of my church. I don’t want to spend whatever remaining years I have left in the pastorate putting out fires,” Prophet Malcolm said.

Bishop Akron laughed. He could envision Prophet Malcolm up in the pulpit twirling in his Elijah-type robe spitting out holy words of fire. “That robe is just for show, but my words are not for show,” Prophet Malcolm once told him. 

“Even though you have closed your church doors, are your people still tuning in to you?”

“They sure are and I must say, even more so because they do not have to face me; they know I have insight into what they are doing throughout the week. They don’t want me to see the guilt written all over their faces,” Prophet Malcolm said. “But I tell you what: I pray harder for them, and I believe with my not breathing down their backs, so to speak, they will respond more positively to the preached Word. Plus, many do not know which way to turn what with this plague zooming in on us so rapidly, it makes your head spin.”

Prophet Malcolm  preached hard, but he also loved hard. And even though they did not see eye-to-eye, Bishop Akron was drawn to this older preacher and respected him greatly and knew the Prophet genuinely loved him.

“Now, Prophet Malcolm, why else do you think pastors are compromising on preaching the whole Word of God?”

“The biggest thing is because they don’t fear God, and because they don’t fear God they don’t really think God has a problem with sin. Of course, some of them preach the Word of God out of ignorance because they don’t study the Word of God as they should. They refuse to get seminary training because they think the seminary is a cemetery and so when they get up to preach, their sermons have a lot of fluff and lack depth. Their sermons are full of their opinions. I call it skimming the surface. But all throughout the Bible we see that God has a problem with evil. But like the stiff-necked Israelites we don’t believe that God has a problem with sin because we want to keep on dabbling in our sins. Like my mother used to say to me and my siblings, ‘Just try me.’ Every now and then we would try her, but, oh, we paid the price. God is saying to some pastors, ‘Just try me.’ And they are foolishly  trying God. But little do they know that God’s patience runs out as well.”

Bishop Akron had no choice but to agree with his friend.

“And God is also saying, ‘Don’t try Me because you don’t want to get Me started.’”

“No, sir. We don’t want to get God started,” Bishop Akron said.

“Many of these pastors are using the grace that God has given to us as a license to sin. They know that God is a merciful God. They seem to forget that He extends His mercy for only so long, and once His mercy runs out it’s whipping time. And His whipping will last a long, long time,” Prophet Malcolm said, putting an emphasis on the word ‘long.’

“Could it be that these pastors have never died to self and thus to sin?” Bishop Akron said. “After all, Paul asks ‘What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?’”

“You hit it right on the head. Many pastors have never died to their sins. They are committing adultery. They are pilfering money from the church. Some are welcoming homosexuals into their churches as members and are actually giving them positions in the church. I say again with Dr. David Jeremiah, ‘I thought I’d never see the day.’ Some of them are drunkards.”

“I thought Paul told Timothy to drink a little wine for his stomach’s sake,” Bishop Akron said. “I drink a little wine every now and then especially when I eat a lot of red meat.”

“Yes. But he did not say to get drunk off of it. It was to help heal his hurting stomach,” Prophet Malcolm said. “Paul said ‘a little.’ Moderation is what it is all about. A lot of people, including pastors, don’t know this because they have never studied the history of Christianity, Back then they used to drink one portion of wine to three portions of water. Then our sinful selves wanted something stronger, and we started to reduce the portion of water until eventually we stopped adding water to the wine.”

“Now, do you have a problem with Christians drinking wine in general?”

“Not if they are doing it for health reasons and in moderation,” Prophet Malcolm said. “Yes, Paul said a little wine for the stomach’s sake, but many of us do not know what ‘a little’ means, so it’s best to just stay away from it and from all forms of alcohol. On the flip side, though, we also need to take heed to King Solomon’s warnings especially to those who cannot control themselves. Hold on. Let me get my Bible.”

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