Miles McPherson on Red or Blue, What Would Jesus Do?

This political climate is unlike any other we have experienced. Of course, there have always been disagreements and debates about which person would be the preferred president, but unlike years past, the 2020 election has created an entirely new demand for our attention — and our opinions. And it’s not necessarily a good thing.

If anybody scrolls through social media for even a minimal amount of time, they will immediately come across multiple posts about who is voting for whom, what their opinions are, and why they won’t tolerate anyone who disagrees with them. People are unfriending others, and I am not only talking about on social media. Families are literally being split up, and they are not even speaking with each other because they differ in their political stance. The division only seems to increase as we get closer to November.

Miles McPherson (Courtesy of SD Rock/Nathan Maselli)
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The first presidential debate demonstrated this divisiveness as President Trump and Joe Biden were not only arguing, but they were talking over each other and trying to diminish their opponent. The hum on the news and social media afterward was deafening. Everybody had an opinion about the debate itself, and then began the threads of even more debating between friends, families, and Christians.

Many believers are on one side or the other, and many are very vocal about who they believe should run our country — who they think Jesus would vote for.

But the question is not who Jesus would vote for, the question should be: what would Jesus say in response to all this division? What would His reaction be to this election season? He would model how to love those who vote differently. He would demonstrate love with those who have opposing beliefs.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Miles McPherson

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