Here We Go: A Dress for Men

Here We Go: A Dress for Men

Keep an eye on your wardrobes ladies – according to Gucci, the latest must-have trend for men is a dress you can style with jeans.

Last week the Italian luxury brand unveiled an eye-catching new addition to its menswear collection – a £1,700 orange check frock. The ‘Tartan cotton long smock shirt,’ which comes with mother of pearl buttons, satin bow detailing and a contrast Peter Pan collar, is inspired by grunge looks from the Nineties.

The fashion house advised styling it ‘over ripped denim jeans’, adding that it is intended to reflect ‘the idea of fluidity’ explored for its Fall Winter 2020 fashion show, and ‘disrupt the toxic stereotypes that mold masculine gender identity’.

Before you go adding it to your other half’s Christmas list, FEMAIL asked a brave volunteer to give his verdict on the controversial look and whether he feels it lives up to Gucci’s aspirations.

Presenter Simon Thompson, 32, from Southampton, donned a replica from ASOS for a stroll around west London.

Here he reveals what it’s like to spend a day in the dress, and his experience was not what you might expect.

When I first saw this dress, I was surprised to hear that it was made for men. In my head – as progressive as I am – it still looks like a women’s dress.

From the way it’s cinched in at the waist to the cut of the shoulders and the tartan pattern, it’s a feminine style, and while I agree we need to blur the lines, it’s not cut for men.

Even the slim male model in the photo doesn’t have a particularly wide frame, but it doesn’t look right.

The male and female bodies are so different and it’s a shame they didn’t cater to this more. It just didn’t fit properly; my chest looked absurdly broad, whereas most of the clothes I wear day-to-day that are made for men accommodate my chest and my shoulders.

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Source: Daily Mail